McAllen Pipeline Work Accident Injury Attorney Representation Services Launched

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By expanding to McAllen, Reyna Law Firm looks to widen its capacity for assisting accident victims across the state. It can now provide those injured in the course of pipeline construction or maintenance work with suitable guidance and, in the event that compensation claims are filed, legal representation.

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As a specialist in catastrophic injury, lead attorney and firm founder JR Reyna is suited to assess both the circumstances of workplace accidents and the future implications of any resulting harm. In light of his firm’s expansion, JR and his legal staff are able to help McAllen-area victims and their families pursue compensatory amounts that cover lost wages as well as ongoing rehabilitation.

Pipelines and other sites related to oil and gas extraction are notable for the hazards that field staff invariably face during their work. Reyna Law Firm points to defective machinery and insufficient safety standards as common causes of workplace injury – causes that negligent companies fail to address in many cases.

In the words of a Reyna Law Firm spokesperson: “Due to the nature of the work, some accidents are not preventable. But often, these types of serious accidents are caused by the negligence of others. By talking to a Texas oilfield accident attorney, you will be able to hold the negligent parties responsible for the harm they have caused.”

As such, Reyna Law Firm offers the help of its experienced attorneys in handling the legal claim process on behalf of injured workers or their family members. By piecing together key pieces of evidence – including eyewitness statements and medical documents – the firm works to build strong cases that will hold considerable weight in a Texas courtroom.

In the event that liable parties wish to settle out of court, Reyna Law Firm is also equipped to assist with negotiations. Acknowledging that compensation should fairly account for both economic and non-economic damages, the firm’s team is able to evaluate settlement offers while advising clients on whether further legal action might be warranted.

With additional offices in Odessa, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, and beyond, Reyna Law Firm continues its support of those hurt in accidents. Assisting Texas cases involving vehicular collisions, slips, commercial vehicle accidents, and more, the firm makes initial consultations available to schedule via its official website or its over-the-phone contact options.

“I can say this firm is easy to work with and they do a good job getting you the care you need while moving your case in the right direction,” said one recent client. “You can tell they really care.”

Interested parties in McAllen can learn further details about Reyna Law Firm at

Reyna Law Firm McAllen

7001 North 10th Street #Ste. G2

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