Tarmeem Orthopedic And Spine Day Surgery Centre Named Among Abu Dhabi Orthopedic & Spine Experts

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – Tarmeem Orthopedic And Spine Day Surgery Centre has been rated among the best orthopedic and spine experts in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The centre has a team of world-class orthopedic surgeons who provide integrated care and treatment to patients experiencing musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. The centre offers holistic treatment and services to patients, from diagnosis to management and specialized treatment to improve health, wellness, and range of motion.

Describing the services rendered at the centre, its spokesperson said: “We focus on sports medicine and joint reconstructive surgery for the shoulder, knee, and hip, as well as treatments for back, elbow, wrist, hand, foot, and ankle. Our patients are of all fitness levels and ages who have sustained orthopedic injuries or are suffering from pain from chronic conditions. We are proud to be serving our community in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the region at large. Our aim is to advance essential knowledge and expertise in orthopedics and spine, and our goal is to restore your lifestyle and mobility.”

Tarmeem Orthopedic And Spine Day Surgery Centre has a reputation for providing compassionate and patient-focused care. The centre and its team leverage the latest medical technologies to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of a range of musculoskeletal conditions that have limited patients’ comfort, affected their quality of life, and deprived them of participating in the activities they once loved.

As a holistic and full-service Abu Dhabi orthopedic centre, the team has everything needed to diagnose and treat foot and ankle problems. Their focus is on addressing issues affecting the complicated network of tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the foot and hand region. They also address common issues like foot deformity, swelling of the hand and foot, muscle inflammation, broken toe or backside of the foot, bone degeneration of the ankle, and other concerns.

Patients can also visit the centre for sports medicine services to address common concerns caused by direct or indirect injuries. They also offer assessment and diagnosis, treatment and immediate care for sports injuries, rehabilitation and renovation, as well as recovery and injury protection services.

The Orthopedic centre also addresses common shoulder and elbow problems like injuries caused by repetitive movement, injury due to a tear or a collision, abnormal shoulder movement and pain, pain caused by bursitis or tendinitis, inflammation in the shoulder or elbow joints, and other related concerns.

Those experiencing knee and hip pain caused by hernias, diabetic neuropathy, stroke in the arteries, meralgia paresthetica pain, tension in the side thigh muscle, tear or tension in muscles, or hip issues can also visit the orthopedic centre for diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Tarmeem Orthopedic And Spine Day Surgery Centre is located at Khalifa A – Al Fursan St – Khalifa City – Sector 33, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 147110, UAE. Schedule an appointment via phone at (971) 800 1599. Visit their website for more information.

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Tarmeem Orthopedic and Spine Day Surgery Centre
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