New York Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Bassett Sheds Light on Aggravated Identity Theft with Newly Released Article

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Aggravated Identity Theft, a complex and devastating crime, has been on the rise in New York, requiring a solid understanding of the state and federal laws. New York criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett ( has recently released a comprehensive article on this topic, dissecting the layers of this serious offense.

“The escalating prevalence of aggravated identity theft in New York underscores the need for reliable and knowledgeable legal representation,” says New York criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett. “The accused faces harsh penalties and severe reputation damage. Our role is to help navigate this complex legal terrain, ensuring that the accused’s rights are respected and upheld throughout the process.”

The article released by the New York criminal defense attorney provides a detailed breakdown of the definition of aggravated identity theft, its implications under New York State Law, and its treatment under Federal Law. It highlights the seriousness of the crime and the severe penalties imposed on those found guilty.

Bassett further explains, “Aggravated identity theft is not simply a matter of unauthorized access to a person’s data; it goes beyond that. It involves the offender using the stolen information to commit additional offenses, causing extensive harm to the victim.”

The article also distinguishes between penalties under New York State law and Federal law. It offers an in-depth understanding of the sentencing guidelines for this crime, underlining the crucial role of a New York criminal defense attorney in such cases.

In his piece, Bassett illustrates potential defense strategies to counter charges of aggravated identity theft. These defenses range from demonstrating a lack of knowledge or intent, establishing the consent of the victim, to identifying police misconduct or constitutional violations.

Attorney Jason Bassett emphasizes, “Each defense requires an individualized approach. A strong legal strategy can be the difference between conviction and acquittal, especially considering the potential prison sentences and substantial fines involved in aggravated identity theft cases.”

As awareness of the gravity and prevalence of aggravated identity theft continues to grow, individuals and businesses alike must take steps to protect their personal and sensitive information. It is equally essential for those accused of such a crime to secure legal representation capable of navigating this intricate and serious area of law.

In the face of rising aggravated identity theft incidents, understanding the gravity of the crime and possible legal implications is crucial. This comprehensive article from Jason Bassett provides a step towards that understanding, ensuring that those accused have a fighting chance against these serious charges.

About Jason Bassett Criminal Attorney:

Jason Bassett is a recognized criminal defense attorney in New York, who has devoted his career to fighting for individuals facing serious criminal allegations. With extensive experience in the courtroom, Mr. Bassett has represented clients in a wide range of criminal cases, including those accused of aggravated identity theft. He firmly believes in upholding the rights of the accused and guiding them through the complexities of the legal system.

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