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Pasadena, CA – Ghotanian Dental Pasadena offers a wide range of services to improve patients’ smiles, appearance, oral health function, and confidence. Its in-house lab provides quick results, accurate diagnoses, and correctly-fitting implants, crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Ghotanian Dental Pasadena boasts a team of highly-trained professionals, including Dr. Rene Ghotanian, Dr. Tina Ghotanian, and their staff, who possess extensive knowledge and years of experience in the dental field. They are equipped to address a wide range of dental needs, including restorative procedures, oral surgery, and smile enhancement treatments. For patients who experience anxiety or apprehension about dental procedures, the team offers sedation dentistry options, including IV or oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

The dentist Pasadena encourages patients to visit at least once every six months for dental cleanings and detailed exams to catch problems early or maintain overall health. The practice offers a range of general and family dentistry services, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking simple dental checkups for their children or adults looking to improve the appearance of their smile. The team also welcomes young children and is committed to instilling good dental habits while educating them about the importance of oral health. They gently clean children’s teeth while checking for signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, tongue thrusting, early tooth loss, or lip-sucking. A dentist creates a rapport with a child by talking to them, listening to their stories, playing with them, and understanding their personalities. Building a positive, trusting relationship between them and a child removes the anxieties of dentist visits or treatments.

In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, Ghotanian Dental Pasadena understands that dental emergencies can happen anytime. Patients may experience mouth or tooth injuries due to accidents, develop cavities over time, or wake up with sudden toothaches. That’s why the practice also offers emergency dental services to provide timely treatment and alleviate discomfort. At the consultation, they examine the causes of tooth pain, replace dental restorations, treat damaged soft tissues in the mouth, and address cracked/chipped/knocked-out teeth. Alternatively, a dentist may recommend a complete set of teeth or restorative dentistry procedures to help patients smile confidently, chew food, speak clearly, or prevent teeth from causing additional damage.

Compared to restorative dentistry for oral health function, cosmetic treatments enhance patients’ beauty, smiles, and appearances. A dentist at the practice may suggest teeth whitening, tooth/gum contouring, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers for patients with spaces/gaps between teeth, misshapen/misaligned teeth, yellow/discolored teeth, or teeth that appear long/short/pointed. The dentist creates an individualized treatment plan that accomplishes patients’ goals, allowing them to achieve the attractive and healthy smiles they deserve.

Dr. Rene Ghotanian, a board-certified oral surgeon with experience in all procedures, offers in-office procedures like dental implant placement, bone grafting, â??tooth extractions, sinus lifts, and wisdom teeth removal. Together with his anesthesia assistant, they ensure patients are comfortable and at ease throughout their treatments to minimize jerking movements. While Dr. Rene performs most oral surgical procedures, he has a network of other dental professionals and hospitals to ensure patients receive high-quality results.

â??Visit the clinic’s website to learn more, or call (626) 792-7900 to request an appointment. Ghotanian Dental Pasadena is at 212 S El Molino Ave, Pasadena, CA, 91101, US.

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