Somerset Family-Centered Pentecostal Education, Bible-Based Curriculum Updated

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The recently updated curriculum comes as a response to a growing demand for family-centered educational materials across the United States. PFLMI believes that spirit-filled teaching should inspire and motivate students, as well as train individuals and families to reflect Christian values in a secular world.

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The expanded curriculum focuses on holistic learning and personalized instruction. The goal is for students to receive an education that covers all the basics, while also focusing on areas of spiritual importance. Some revamped portions of the scholastic materials include an emphasis on ministry preparation, effective communication, Christian leadership training, and community outreach.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward alternative education options with a Christian perspective. Recent statistics indicate that many parents are choosing to prioritize spiritual ethics in education, with nearly 6 million students enrolled in religiously-affiliated schools each year. The educational materials from PFLMI are designed to return moral control to parents and families, allowing students to learn in an environment that is shaped by apostolic, Pentecostal principles.

With a team of professional educators on hand to instruct and guide students through each educational step, the PFLMI curriculum is based on Biblical teachings and has a strong emphasis on outreach and evangelism through community interactions. A representative from the organization says, “Together, we are dedicated to providing personalized instruction, promoting holistic learning, and empowering our students to become effective community communicators and leaders.”

The educational materials also highlight PFLMI’s inclusive approach to education. The organization seeks to foster an environment that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism while maintaining core family standards.

Based in Somerset, NJ, PFLMI is an affiliate of One Way Apostolic Faith Mission. The church embraces its Pentecostal origins and beliefs, welcoming anyone who wishes to join the congregation in worship.

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