Lavender & Patchouli Dreamy Essential Oil Roller Aromatherapy Blend Launched

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Handcrafted by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane, the Dreamy Roller Blend combines calming essential oils in organic fractionated coconut oil. Loving Essential Oils recommends this blend for relaxation, stress reduction, and better sleep quality.

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Each ingredient in the new handcrafted essential oil blend has a specific therapeutic property, explains the team at Loving Essential Oils. For example, lavender oil is well-regarded in holistic medicine for its calming properties that reduce stress and anxiety while promoting restful sleep. Ginger oil is warming and energy-inducing and can prevent nausea. The sweet, earthy aroma of patchouli encourages a sense of tranquility and combines with sandalwood, jasmine, and petitgrain to calm and refresh the mind.

Several peer-reviewed studies showcased by the NIH confirm the efficacy of aromatherapy in alleviating anxiety in patients suffering from chronic and acute medical conditions. With its new essential oil blend, Loving Essential Oils aims to improve sleep quality in adults, giving them freedom from sedatives.

Loving Essential Oils caters to those searching for an all-natural solution to sleep deprivation by creating products made from 100% pure essential oils and ensuring oil blends contain no artificial ingredients.

The oil blend is packaged in pre-made 10ml roll-on bottles made of cobalt blue glass with stainless steel rollerballs. All essential oil products have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months and can be shipped to any location in the United States.

With the latest release, Loving Essential Oils encourages aromatherapy in daily life, providing an organic health and wellness solution to everyday stressors. In addition, Jennifer can customize the Dreamy Essential Oil Roller Blend to a client’s need.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “Dreamy Essential Oil Blend is a perfect tool to create a peaceful and soothing environment that promotes relaxation and well-being. It’s also an excellent way to bring comfort and serenity to the mind and body.”

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