Positivity & Taoism Substack Page: Self-Reliance & Mindfulness Guides Updated

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Will Nemo, who is the host for shows such as The Daily Taoist, Doomer Bloomer, All Trews Only, and The Yukon Gold Podcast, has updated his Substack page to give fans of the shows some complementary lifestyle-oriented material, building on the ideas presented in his shows.

More Information is available at https://willnemo.substack.com/

Much of the content currently available on the Substack page focuses on Nemo’s guiding philosophies. For example, the latest post, titled “The Summer Of ’69: Reflections From 2023”, explores the ways in which the ideas that Nemo presents in his podcasts have influenced his life in the past few years, and how listeners and readers may be able to apply those ideas to their own lives.

The main thrust behind much of this content is that to be successful, one must develop a system of self-reliance. Much of the specific advice that Nemo presents finds its roots in Taoism, but a significant portion is more general, focusing on themes of love, mental health, and resource management.

The promise of this Substack page, and especially of the recent posts published, is to help guide readers through periods of self-discovery and reckoning with the world at large. With this content, Will Nemo seeks to help his readers secure freedom of time in a society that increasingly demands more, giving specific examples of how he has applied these ideas along the way.

Joining this Substack will grant subscribers access to exclusive content once or twice a week. Nemo also hosts chat spaces for his subscribers to interact directly with his community.

The page acts as a hub for all content produced by Nemo, with announcements being posted there following the release of any of his shows.

In Nemo’s own words, “This substack is about teaching and sharing with others how to live life to the fullest extent possible using the philosophy of Taoism and staying positive in life. Put simply, say ‘yes’ to every reasonable opportunity that seems positive to your own personal development.”

Those interested in joining the Substack page can do so at the link below. All shows hosted by Nemo, including the Doomer Bloomer podcast, are available on all major platforms, with new episodes released on a loose monthly schedule.

Part of the same effort is also Nemo’s Yukon Gold Partnership (@yukon_gold_ltd), Doomer Bloomer Podcast (@DoomerPodcast), and Daily Taoist Foundation (@thedailytaoist).

Additional details can be found at https://willnemo.substack.com/p/beginnings-of-my-legacy-projects

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