A Trusted Haven for Bay Area Dogs Celebrates 24 Years of Caring For Canines

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PAWS Dog Camp, one of the best places for dogs in Montara, is happy to say that it has been a safe and friendly place for Bay Area doggies for 24 years. Since 1999, PAWS Dog Camp has been dedicated to giving family pups the best care, love, and company possible.

From its simple beginnings, PAWS Dog Camp has grown into a well-loved business known for prioritizing the health and happiness of dogs in their care. Situated on a multi-acre exclusively-owned site in Montara, aptly named “the Ranch,” PAWS Dog Camp offers dogs a vast and secure space to engage in playtime excursions.

Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer, www.pawsdogcamp.com

“For 24 years, PAWS Dog Camp has been a second home to thousands of dogs, and we couldn’t be prouder of the trust and loyalty our clients have shown us,” said Trina of PAWS Dog Camp. “Our goal has always been to give dogs a safe place where they can play with other dogs, get exercise, and get real care.”

PAWS Dog Camp has a few different services to meet the wants of both the man’s best friend and their human companions. From group walks to individual pet sitting to off-leash training, PAWS Dog Camp works hard to give every furry guest the attention and love they need. The people who work at PAWS Dog Camp treat each pup like a member of their extended family. They make sure that each dog’s stay is comfortable, fun, and educational.

PAWS Dog Camp has built a strong reputation over the years because it cares about safety and health. The Ranch is well-kept and regularly sprayed and cleared to keep ticks from living there. All pooches at PAWS Dog Camp must be fixed and vaccinated. This makes sure that every dog friend is healthy and safe.

PAWS Dog Camp looks to add additional services and capacity to care for four-legged family members. PAWS Dog Camp is always working to be on the cutting edge of canine care and give every pet friend a fantastic experience.

“We want to thank all of our clients, past and present, from the bottom of our hearts for putting their beloved dogs in our care,” said Trina of PAWS Dog Camp. “We look forward to giving dogs a loving, safe, and fun place to live for many more years.”

To read what the community thinks about PAWS Dog Camp and the services they offer, please visit https://www.yelp.com/biz/paws-dog-camp-san-mateo-3

Paws Dog Camp

113 S Humboldt Street

United States

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