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When a person dies intestate, (without a will or legacy plan), it can have serious implications for their family and loved ones. In cases such as these, families lose their right to manage the desired division of assets and the courts take over. Newly expanded legacy planning services at Goldstone Financial Group ensure an individual’s property and investments are protected from court-imposed asset allocation and are safeguarded from over-taxation and creditor claims.

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Statistics reveal close to 60 percent of Americans believe having a will is important; however, only 33 percent of Americans have one in place. Without a will or legacy plan, the deceased’s family must attempt to legally claim their right to manage the division of assets. Comprehensive legacy planning services at Gladstone Financial Group in St. Charles are designed to protect families from these types of ordeals by offering inheritance planning, tax planning, IRA guidance, and the proper preparation living wills and trusts for the financial health of future generations.

“Estate planning, also known as legacy planning, safeguards your family and loved ones by protecting your assets, minimizing the burden of estate taxes, and preventing the stress and conflict that can emerge when families attempt to settle a loved one’s affairs on their own,” says a Goldstone Financial Group spokesperson. “Legacy planning ensures the smooth transfer of assets to beneficiaries according to your wishes.”

The investment advisory representatives at Goldstone Financial Group are experts in all areas of family-first legacy planning that prioritizes open, insightful and straightforward communication. Representatives help their clients with legal arrangements such as the proper choice of trust, and with the preparation of a living will to specify desired medical treatment in the case of incapacity.

Help with protecting family property and investments from legal claims and creditors can involve the preparation of a limited liability company (LLC) or family limited partnership (FLP), strategies in which the company’s advisors are well-versed.

Investment representatives at Goldstone Financial Group say it’s never too early, or too late to begin legacy planning. With the help of an experienced estate planning professional, clients can ensure their families and loved ones are protected and provided for, and are relieved of the worries, uncertainties, and emotional ramifications that come with the absence of proper and tax-efficient estate arrangements.

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