MA Services Group Launches Quora Platform for Community Engagement

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As an organisation dedicated to evaluating the community involvement of companies in Australia, MA Services Community Connect is pleased to highlight the recent initiative of MA Services Group, a leading provider of security and cleaning services. MA Services has launched a new Quora page, marking a significant step in its ongoing commitment to engaging with the community and sharing valuable insights about its industry.

The Quora page, found at, is a testament to MA Services Group’s dedication to fostering open dialogue with the community and providing valuable information about the security and cleaning sectors.

MA Services Group has a long-standing reputation for its commitment to community engagement. The company’s community service activities are extensive, including supporting fire relief efforts, making regular financial contributions to charities, and sponsoring local football clubs across Australia.

One of the key initiatives of MA Services Group is its partnership with Workforce Australia. This collaboration aims to assist disadvantaged community members in achieving long-term sustainable employment, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

Furthermore, MA Services Group has been actively involved in promoting mental health awareness in the workplace. The company offers voluntary and confidential counselling to all employees and their immediate families, demonstrating its commitment to the mental health of its staff members.

In addition to their extensive community involvement, MA Services Group is also committed to ethical recruitment practices. The company works proactively to reduce modern slavery and is dedicated to maintaining and improving systems and processes to protect against and avoid complicity in human rights violations related to their operations, supply chain, products, and services.

MA Services undertakes due diligence when considering new suppliers and clients and regularly reviews agreements with existing ones. This approach aligns with their Ethical Framework, which promotes a culture of high ethical standards, including compliance with applicable laws, contractual and other obligations.

A significant part of supporting ethical standards is enabling employees and others, including suppliers, subcontractors, and partners, to feel free and safe to speak up when there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the company is not acting ethically or in accordance with laws and obligations.

This commitment to ethical recruitment and business practices further underscores MA Services Group’s dedication to community involvement and corporate social responsibility. It is not just about providing excellent security and cleaning services; it’s about doing so in a way that respects human rights, upholds ethical standards, and contributes positively to the community.

This additional layer of community involvement through ethical recruitment practices further solidifies MA Services Group’s position as a leader in corporate social responsibility in Australia.

The Quora page will serve as an additional platform to showcase MA Services community involvement initiatives and foster stronger ties with the community. It will provide work, its commitment to the community, and its industry insights. The page will also serve as a platform for the public to engage in meaningful discussions about the security and cleaning sectors, and the role of corporate social responsibility in today’s business landscape.

The launch of MA Services Group’s Quora page is a significant step forward in sharing more about the company’s work, its commitment to the community, and its industry insights. Anyone interested is encouraged to visit the Quora page and engage with the content.

MA pledges to their employees that they will uphold and foster a workplace culture that prioritises mental health awareness. Their goal is to ensure that everyone feels a sense of connection and support, particularly during life’s challenging circumstances. The company is committed to providing high-quality, customer-centric services that cater to the unique needs of each client. MA Services operates in every state and territory around the country, providing industry-specific, efficient, and productive solutions. For more information, please visit .

MA Services Community Connect highlights the community involvement and corporate social responsibility initiatives of MA Services Group, a leading provider of security services across Australia. They aim to showcase the company’s commitment to fostering open dialogue with the community, their company ethics and their social impact in Australia.

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