Desktop Pay-As-You-Go CRM App With Email, SMS & VoIP For Small Business Updated

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The latest launch sees an expansion of the app’s suite of CRM tools alongside improvements to performance and loading times. Bigly offers a unique pricing model via its pay-as-you-go billing system. The app can be downloaded and used without charge with users only liable for telecom costs for the services they choose to use in any given month.

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The upgrades smooth the integration of desktop and mobile devices for Bigly users, gathering together email, SMS, MMS, and VoIP communications in a unified inbox, accessible from anywhere in the world. The app’s design reflects the needs of a new generation of roving entrepreneurs for whom hybrid working has become the norm.

CRM software has become a vital companion to marketing efforts in the digital age. According to a MY Choice survey, CRM software has the biggest impact on customer retention and satisfaction rates while 82% of respondents use a system of this type for sales reporting and process automation.

The Bigly app already has over 67,000 users in over 150 countries, highlighting how rapidly its new model of CRM is growing. In addition to emails, texts, and voice calls, users get real-time data tracking and advanced analytics, enabling them to keep track of campaigns and monitor sales and after-sales agent performance.

Moreover, blast functions for both email and SMS allow users to send thousands of messages simultaneously while the app’s internet-based protocol means that all text communications can be delivered regardless of cell service.

Users can set reminders and manage their calendars and tasks as well as tag and segment their customer lists for increased efficiency and productivity and there are no limits placed on the number of contacts that can be added. Unlike more prominent CRM providers, Bigly does not charge per contact.

A spokesperson says, “Text, emails, and phone transcripts are automatically uploaded. It’s time to work less and earn more by reaching clients a hundred times faster.”

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