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The new guide from Hurst Pediatric Dentistry is intended to help parents and guardians identify tooth trauma in their children and understand the significance of getting it treated promptly. The guide also shares some common causes of tooth trauma and recommends some treatments and tips for restoration and prevention.

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According to Hurst Pediatric Dentistry’s latest guide, the most common causes of tooth trauma in children are sports injuries and falls. These types of incidents can lead to chipped, cracked, slit, and missing teeth, as well as damage to the lips, tongue, gums, and jaw. Other common causes of tooth trauma in children include accidents with toys and improper eating habits.

The treatment options for tooth trauma depend on the cause and severity of the injury. For example, injuries where a child’s tooth pulp is exposed and at risk of infection may require a pulpotomy (root canal) or pulpectomy (removal). For minor fractures and chips, however, fillings and crowns may be sufficient. In most cases, the dentists at Hurst Pediatric Dentistry will start with an X-ray to determine the extent of the damage so they can create an appropriate treatment plan.

If parents or guardians suspect their child has experienced tooth trauma, Hurst Pediatric Dentistry recommends they get it treated immediately. By doing so, they can save their child’s teeth and significantly reduce the risk of more serious oral problems in the future. This not only helps the children lead healthier and happier lives but also saves parents and guardians a lot of time, resources, and hassle.

To help prevent tooth trauma from occurring, Hurst Pediatric Dentistry also recommends parents and guardians follow a few tips. Firstly, they should ensure that their children are practicing proper oral hygiene consistently. This also means bringing them in for regular check-ups and examinations. Hurst Pediatric Dentistry also strongly advises children to wear helmets, mouthguards, or other protective equipment when playing sports.

“Treating tooth trauma in children is an important and often overlooked aspect of oral health,” said a spokesperson for the practice. “Understanding the causes, treatments, and preventive measures that can help reduce the risk of dental trauma in children is essential. A variety of treatment options, from filling materials to stainless steel crowns for added protection, are available for saving teeth and reducing pain.”

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