AIStaffs By Abhi Dwivedi, $57 AI App & Software: 2023-May-30 Release Announced

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Leveraging the API from OpenAI, the new app is designed to streamline workflows for businesses across sectors. AI staff can be used for content creation, marketing, sales calls, and customer service – enhancing productivity and workplace efficiency.

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ChatGPT became the fastest service to reach 100 million users earlier in 2023, and now MunchEye is showcasing new ways for businesses to use the versatile natural language processing tool.

Traditionally, business owners have relied on hiring staff with specialist expertise – or invested in themselves, with some skills requiring years of training to master. With AIStaffs, businesses can overcome common challenges with bringing products to market and gain traction faster by harnessing AI for daily tasks.

The app creates AI-powered team members with customized skills. By outsourcing production or creation to these virtual employees, companies can enjoy the expertise of AI professionals specializing in areas such as YouTube, content creation, marketing, sales, and more.

This reduces the need for expensive salaried employees because business owners can create AI staff directly within the app – allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently, creating cost savings and improving profitability.

AIStaffs further enhances its capabilities with the “youAI” feature. This allows users to create a custom chatbot that emulates an individual’s voice, writing style, and thinking patterns. By selecting appropriate data samples, businesses can develop a tool that seamlessly integrates into their operations, providing personalized support and interactions for visitors.

The app also empowers businesses to add their AI staff seamlessly into their websites, member areas, and live chat boxes. Companies can offer instant support to their prospects, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline their operations.

Several case studies are provided, showing the possibilities of using the app. For example, one AIStaffs user was able to create a children’s book in a single weekend, while several writers have used the app to sell more books. Another user said that they have leveraged the tool for digital product automation, generating $200,000 in revenue.

A spokesperson states: “With AIStaffs, you can hire over 40 different specialized AI staff through a user-friendly dashboard, assigning tasks and tracking progress in real-time. This gives you a 24/7 workforce that can efficiently handle tasks and responsibilities, all while enjoying significant cost savings compared to traditional employees.”

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