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Melbourne, VIC – Melbourne Property Valuers Metro offers an objective, thorough property valuation for homeowners and businesses. The complex and extensive valuation process considers over 200 variables affecting a property’s actual value. The valuers ensure objective analyses by avoiding any conflict of interest. They have a quick turnaround time to generate a legally compliant report document based on objective data.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro real estate valuation includes house, independent property, residential, commercial, and retrospective property valuations. These valuations are essential during property purchase, sale, tax liability calculation, tax compliance, and land tax objection compensation. The company customises its reports to meet each client’s unique needs, offering short and long-form options.

The short-form report provides a detailed analysis of the property, considering various factors such as environmental conditions, market volatility, and local sales. This report is suitable for many scenarios but not for legal purposes. In cases where clients require the report for legal reasons, the long-form report is recommended. It includes a total property valuation for commercial properties and adheres to judicial standards. The valuer provides a comprehensive market analysis and details of properties based on 5-7 comparative sales.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro property valuations use different approaches to determine the true value of diverse properties. The valuers can value properties based on similar properties in the market and additional variables as part of the Direct Comparison Approach. They can also second-check methodologies used by other API-certified property valuers as part of their Summation Approach. This method calculates the replacement cost value of any improvements made to the property and reduces this value based on the property’s age, adding the figures to the land value for fair market value.

For commercial properties, the valuer considers rental income, comparable sales, and additional variables from other approaches to determine fair market value. The company has 15 valuers, all API certified and with over 300 years of combined experience. They possess extensive knowledge of the local area and offer high-quality services to clients.

A quote from the company website stated this about their services,

“Regarding property valuations, we are the leading experts in land, residential, commercial, development, and industrial valuations. We can cater to all property types and purposes and have a highly qualified Senior Property Valuers team. We pride ourselves on providing quality reports efficiently to all clients. We have established a sterling record of quality service.”

Besides valuing property, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro also values plant and machinery. They can establish the fair market value of small and large manufacturing plants and machinery to inform on investment and litigation processes.

Contact the valuers at (03) 9021 2007. Visit the company website for more information on their professional property valuation services. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is located at 614/20 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, AU.

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