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New York City, New York May 29, 2023 ( – eMerchant Authority Launches Innovative Agent Program on Eco Platform, Offering Lifetime Residual Income for Referring Businesses.

eMerchant Authority, a leading provider of cutting-edge merchant services, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated agent program on the eco platform. This innovative program presents a unique opportunity for individuals to refer businesses and earn lifetime residual income.

With the eMerchant Authority agent program, participants can harness their network and connections to refer businesses to the company’s comprehensive suite of merchant services. From payment processing solutions to credit card terminals and online payment gateways, eMerchant Authority offers a range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

One of the standout features of the agent program is the potential to earn lifetime residual income. As referred businesses become clients and utilize eMerchant Authority’s services, agents receive an ongoing commission based on a percentage of the transaction volume or other predetermined criteria. This residual income provides a sustainable revenue stream, allowing agents to generate passive income while focusing on other endeavors.

“We are thrilled to introduce the eMerchant Authority agent program on our eco platform,” said Paul Kanevsky, CEO of eMerchant Authority. “We understand the value of personal connections and the power of referrals in driving business growth. By offering a lifetime residual income opportunity, we aim to empower agents and reward them for their ongoing efforts in bringing businesses to our innovative merchant services.”

Joining the agent program is straightforward and accessible to individuals from various backgrounds. Agents receive comprehensive training, marketing support, and access to a dedicated team of experts to ensure their success. With a flexible work environment, agents can take advantage of the freedom and convenience of working on their own terms, including the option to work from home.

For those seeking a lucrative opportunity in the merchant services industry, the eMerchant Authority agent program offers a compelling proposition. By leveraging their network and referring businesses, agents can tap into a reliable income stream that grows alongside their referred clients’ success.

To learn more about the eMerchant Authority agent program and to become a referral partner, visit or contact 800.888.2510

About eMerchant Authority:

eMerchant Authority is a leading provider of merchant services, offering innovative payment processing solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technology, eMerchant Authority empowers businesses to streamline their payment processes and drive growth. With a focus on delivering customized solutions and staying at the forefront of industry advancements, eMerchant Authority has become a trusted partner for businesses across diverse sectors.

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