Essential Pickleball Skills For Beginners: Strategies & Tactics Guide Released

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The new guide from Experience Pickleball shares some simple tips, tricks, and tactics players can employ to get better at pickleball. The guide also recommends some warm-up and practice drills that players can do to maximize their performance on the court.

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Experience Pickleball’s new guide covers essential skills that all players must develop, such as shot selection and court movement. For example, the guide suggests that players master their serve, backhand, and dink shot specifically. It also recommends that in most cases, unless playing a lob shot, players should get used to keeping the trajectory of the pickleball as low as possible.

Regarding court movement, the guide encourages players to stay loose and ready. This means keeping the feet moving, the knees bent, and the arms, wrists, and hands in the proper position to receive the ball. By doing so, players can cover the court quicker and get to shots that they otherwise might miss.

Because pickleball is often played in doubles, Experience Pickleball also shares some tips that teams can utilize to improve their collective game. These include working on communication, knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and deciding the most effective ways of limiting the opponents’ space to hit shots.

Though strong skills and movement are essential to be a successful pickleball player, in the guide Experience Pickleball also stresses the importance of having good equipment. For example, the paddle should be comfortable and balanced in the hand, shoes should allow for a wide range of movement, and clothes need to be suitable to play in. The court itself also needs to be in good condition to ensure that players have a fair chance at improving.

“The best way to get better at pickleball is to practice regularly and focus on mastering the fundamentals,” said Damien Dansel, founder of Experience Pickleball and author of the guide. “With passion, patience, and perseverance, you can become a proficient player in no time.”

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Experience Pickleball was started by pickleball enthusiast and sports science student Damien Dansel. He created the website as a way of exposing more people to the sport and helping them get started playing.

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