Melton Electric: Top Electrical Contractors Providing Professional, Safe, Cost-Efficient Electrical Services in Houston, Texas

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Houston, TX: Melton Electric, a second-generation and family-owned electrical and structural cabling company, offers cost-effective and professional services. Irrespective of the project size, the electrical contractors Houston Texas, guarantee timely completion, adherence to proper procedures, and safe process from start to finish. In case of any difficulties, the top-rated team employs innovative solutions. The company has also fostered a conducive atmosphere for internal development.

The Houston electrical contractor offers various services, starting with electrical construction. Given the intricacies of modern building systems and their high level of integration, the company designates a project manager to oversee each electrical construction. The project manager is responsible for overseeing the entire process, planning, and ensuring all the client’s concerns are addressed during construction.

For property owners with faulty systems, the company offers tailored solutions based on the system’s condition and level of faultiness. Similar to new construction projects, the company appoints a project manager and a team of immensely skilled technicians to handle the repairs.

The electrical contractors also offer maintenance services to prevent unexpected issues, minimize the risk of system failures, and ultimately reduce future repair expenses. They achieve that by employing cutting-edge technology such as infrared surveys, power system analysis, and coordination studies. Additionally, they check the integrity of connections within the building, clean and tighten connections, and perform other activities to detect early issues. These maintenance activities can be performed annually, biennially, triennially, or as per the client’s preference.

Melton Electric boasts a team of BICSI-trained professionals and holds certifications from all major manufacturers of cabling products in the country. With these certifications and a highly qualified team, the company is well-equipped to offer a range of services, including fiber, copper, and wireless-based systems. The team also assists the client in choosing cabling materials based on their building structure and other specific requirements.

As the world shifts towards renewable energy, Melton Electric takes the lead in helping property owners adopt solar solutions and install electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The team is well-versed with the latest technology and better installation techniques. Moreover, the company prides itself on having a team of certified experts who are dedicated to ensuring that clients understand all the benefits of going green.

“Melton Electric’s Structured Cabling team really helped out on a recent project of mine,” noted a client. “We needed a fast turn around for work and they were able to jump right in and complete the job for us in the tight time frame! Really appreciate all the work, the IT team I worked for was very happy.”

Melton Electric is located at 2309 Karbach St, Houston, TX, 77092, US. Property owners interested in safe, professional, and competitively priced services can contact the contractors at 713-680-0011. Visit the website for more information.

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