Xegara World Ltd revolutionizes global financial transactions through crypto and real-use case technology

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The combination of the three main components of the XAR ecosystem – XAR Cryptocurrency, XAR Crypto Exchange, and XAR NFT Market Place – works together to create an exponentially increasing token value price.

Jakarta, Indonesia May 18, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Crypto revolutionary and pioneering innovator Xegara World Ltd is preparing to usher in a new era of global financial inclusion through the integration of XAR Cryptocurrency, XAR Crypto Exchange, and XAR NFT Market Place. The successful completion of the final seed round for the XAR project highlights the potential for financial transactions that are secure, efficient, and accessible to all populations worldwide.

A powerful ecosystem for the emerging digital economy

Alfonso B. Perez, Partner, and Chief Executive Officer of Xegara World Ltd, points out that the company is focused on advancing the complexity of cryptocurrencies and digitized crypto assets to meet the needs of the general population.

The combination of the three main components of the XAR ecosystem – XAR Cryptocurrency, XAR Crypto Exchange, and XAR NFT Market Place – works together to create an exponentially increasing token value price.

This strong, trusted XAR ecosystem enables users from all demographics worldwide to safely and efficiently participate in the emerging digital economy, marking a huge shift towards global social and financial inclusion. The visionary XAR crypto and real-use case approach create extraordinary acceptance and integration into the global financial market and daily life through its proximity to real-world applications and the needs of the population.

With its simplified accessibility and the ability to serve almost limitless application areas, XAR has the potential to open up insightful opportunities for both novice customers and established investors.

Successful private sales and investment rounds

Xegara World Ltd, developed by Krypto Fintech Ltd, and backed by Canondale Investment Ltd, has already achieved impressive investor-attracting success. In a recently completed pre-seed round, 92% of the required funding was secured. The 100% successful completion of private sales underlines the confidence of investors in Xegara World as well as crypto fintech.

Founder and CEO Rene R. Butschi was optimistic and emphasized the success of the private sales and the pre-seed round: “This shows the confidence and belief in the potential of the XAR project to revolutionize financial transactions that enable all populations worldwide to participate safely and efficiently in the emerging digital economy.”

The announced transition to the final seed round marks a decisive step in the development of the XAR project and brings it closer to fully realizing its revolutionary potential. Investors, customers, media, and the public are likely to look forward to the further growth and development of Xegara World Ltd.

The Xegara Group

Xegara World Ltd is an innovative technology company focused on developing crypto and use case solutions to advance global financial inclusion for all demographics through secure and efficient financial transactions.

Launched by Founder and CEO Rene R. Butschi and Partner and Board Director Alfonso B. Perez, the company is developed by Krypto Fintech Ltd and backed by Canondale Investment Ltd. Xegara World Ltd was founded by decades of experienced seasoned managers. Together we have over 100 years of business experience from over 102 countries in the areas of banking, finance, M&A, commodities, real estate, law, blockchain, and marketing; and with a deep understanding of the needs of the populations in different cultures.

Xegara is EU and UK based and has taken the strict KYC, AML, and CTF regulations very seriously from the start and has implemented the necessary internal compliance processes accordingly.

Xegara’s unique innovative solution aims to bridge the gap for users in emerging markets and give them access to a healthy and transparent crypto economy system.

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