EcoKatch Introduces World’s First Contactless Bathtub Hair Catcher

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This simple yet highly effective gadget is the perfect tool for anyone tired of dealing with hair blockage in their bathtub or shower drain. The contactless design ensures that you don’t have to touch any hair or waste, making it a hygienic choice.

Laurel, Maryland May 16, 2023 ( – The product is specifically designed to ‘easy catch, easy clean’ unwanted hair from clogging bathroom drains.

Meet Shah and Sneha Shah, the founders of EcoKatch, are proud to announce the launch of their innovative product, EcoKatch, the world’s first contactless bathtub hair catcher. The EcoKatch is designed to prevent hair clogs in bathtubs and drains without requiring users to touch collected hair, providing a hassle-free and hygienic solution.

Unlike traditional hair catchers that require manual removal of trapped hair, the EcoKatch’s unique design allows users to effortlessly dispose of hair without coming into contact with it. By simply opening the top, the collected hair easily drops into the trash can, eliminating the need for direct contact or messy clean-ups.

EcoKatch’s mission is to provide effective and user-friendly solutions for preventing hair clogs in bathtubs and drains. The company conducts extensive research and development to identify the best materials, designs, and technologies that optimize hair trapping capabilities while maintaining efficient water flow. EcoKatch is the result of their dedication to creating an innovative product that enhances the bathing experience.

“We are thrilled to introduce EcoKatch, the world’s first contactless bathtub hair catcher,” said Meet Shah, the owner of EcoKatch. “Our product revolutionizes the way users deal with hair clogs by providing a hygienic and effortless solution. With EcoKatch, users can enjoy a worry-free bathing experience without the inconvenience of clogged drains.”

At its very core, EcoKatch is a patented product that sets itself apart from others in the market with its contactless functionality. It eliminates the need for manual hair removal and offers a hassle-free solution to keep bathtubs and drains free from clogs. With its easy-to-use design, the EcoKatch ensures that users never have to touch weeks’ worth of hair or worry about bathtub blockages again.

EcoKatch comes in four delightful colors to choose from to suit any home decor and is available for an ultra-low price of just $9.99.

To learn more about EcoKatch and their innovative contactless bathtub hair catcher, visit The website also provides detailed information about the product’s features, benefits, and installation instructions.

About the Company

EcoKatch is a minority-owned company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for preventing hair clogs in bathtubs and drains. It’s flagship product, the EcoKatch, is the world’s first contactless bathtub hair catcher that offers a hygienic and hassle-free solution, and the company was born out of the shared passion for invention of its founders, Meet Shah and Sneha Shah.

After experiencing frequent bathtub drain clogs, the dynamic duo decided to develop a contactless bathtub hair catcher. The journey began two years ago with extensive design formulation, 3D printing, and testing in their own bathtub. After receiving feedback from friends and family, they successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign in October 2022. With the funds raised, they finalized the design, manufactured high-quality silicone prototypes in China and, in May 2023, the official e-commerce EcoKatch website was born.

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