VR Learning Platform For High-Stress Employee, Job Situation Training Announced

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As research demonstrating the link between training interactivity and information retention becomes more prominent, Sequel MV has announced a pioneering program that aims to prepare employees with high-stress and safety-related situational training.

More details can be found at: https://www.sequelmv.com/

With this new announcement, businesses can look forward to modernizing their training systems with a science-supported interactive learning program.

According to a study from Carnegie Mellon University, learning approaches that include interactive elements are six times more effective than training courses that rely on watching lectures or videos as the sole form of instruction. Interactive training was also demonstrated to increase participation rates and decrease course abandonment.

Safety training is a necessary element for many business operations; manufacturing, trades and utilities, agricultural, medical, and security workers are all exposed to possible safety concerns on a regular basis. By investing in proper training, such as the learning platform designed by Sequel MV, businesses can better ensure that their employees are retaining critical training information.

Additionally, experiencing virtual simulations of high-stress events such as equipment failure, medical emergencies, and hazardous materials incidents ensures that employees are better prepared to confront and safely overcome these situations in real life.

Sequel MV designs its training programs according to the specific needs of the business, and can create a virtual reality or augmented reality learning experience.

About Sequel MV

Sequel MV is an experiential design agency based in Nashville, TN. They specialize in video and photography production, virtual reality creation, and strategic marketing design. The company also hosts an experiential marketing podcast that invites guest speakers to discuss optimal marketing strategies. The podcast is available on major podcasting platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and Google.

According to a business spokesperson: “Sequel MV strategies put you front and center with your most valuable audiences. We focus on building community & connection to develop lasting relationships. For businesses that are ready for the next level in audience engagement. We’ll help you leverage unique experiences to attract and earn loyal customers.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.sequelmv.com/

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