HeartTransformed-EndingRacism and Optimized Inclusion Announces The Rise of the Optimized Human

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Currently organizations across the globe are confronted with the challenge of creating and managing aligned, effective, productive, and profitable workforces.

Optimized Inclusion solves this challenge with a ‘hiring through increased net profits solution’ that helps create strategic plans to transition from the present circumstances to become high performing, highly profitable business organizations within a two-to-three-year period.

The plan HeartTransformed-EndingRacism and Optimized Inclusion creates for organizations will improve net profits more than 10% year over year within two years, while at the same time improving overall climate, loss days due to sickness, and increased rates of productivity.

It is a core value of HeartTransformed-EndingRacism and Optimized Inclusion to offer world-class insights and understandings of human beings and how they work. They help teams to be more creative and productive as they work more cooperatively with each other.

With a goal to help organizations stand the 80/20 rule upside down, HeartTransformed-EndingRacism and Optimized Inclusion helps 80% of the employee group to become optimized contributors, rather than merely 20%. This strategy encompasses:

  • Removal of business disruptions from unconscious bias, unconscious identifications, and attachments to race and systemic racism.
  • Create a high functioning, inclusive workforce.
  • Increased profitability.

Offerings Include:

The 7-Week Webinar Series

The 7-week webinar series seeks to end unconscious identifications and unconscious attachments to the false hypothesis of race, systemic racism, and white income inequality.

In Person and Virtual Weekend Workshops

Weekend workshops are scheduled for all day on Saturday plus Sunday afternoon. This is an Online Course which includes Individual Consulting and Business Consulting.

Book Launch, Ending Racism: The Rise of the Optimized Human Being

Rich is hosting a virtual celebration on Facebook and Instagram of the launching of his long awaited book, “Ending Racism: The Rise of the Optimized Human Being,” on June 1, 2023. Prizes and promotions to come.

Book Promotion

Rich will be promoting his book in person at ACEP (early June at the Harbor), Essence Fest

Please take care to highlight the virtual celebration of my book launch on June 1, 2023, on FB and Instagram. Also, did I mention that I would be working to promote my book at three (3) upcoming conferences: ACEP during the first few days of June(at the Harbor), I’m hoping for Essence Fest (New Orleans) late June/early July, and Education 2.0 in Vegas July 10-12. I want to have an exhibit booth at each event to promote my book, and I will be a panelist at Education 2.0.

Meet Richard W. Shealey

Founder of HeartTransformed-EndingRacism and Optimized Inclusion, Rich is uniquely known as a spiritual guide, lightworker, spiritual wordsmith, coach, and consultant.

As a business leader, Rich’s signature expertise lies in his ability to rescue underperforming organizations, and turn them into thriving, productive, and highly profitable businesses.

According to Richard, “When you exclude systemic racism from your consciousness, your inner greatness will begin to show.”

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