Flip-Out Pass-Thru Windows With Full-Bound Sill To Expand Outdoor Bars Announced

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Once considered a restaurant or cafe convenience, pass-through windows are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners who want to expand their kitchen and bar areas for integrated indoor and outdoor living. Newly announced flip-out pass-through windows from OpenUp Windows allow homeowners to eliminate back-and-forth trips from the kitchen to the patio when they’re entertaining by providing direct access from the bar, patio, and pool area to the kitchen.

More information is available at https://openupwindows.com/store

More and more homeowners are adopting open floor plan designs for improved sight lines and a modern aesthetic. Newly announced bespoke pass-through windows from expert designers OpenUp Windows gives homeowners a modern approach to home utility and design sophistication by connecting outdoor entertainment areas with home interiors.

“Pass-through windows are a practical addition to any home because they not only enhance their design and give homeowners a spectacular view, but they also make outdoor entertaining more convenient and fun,” says Ed Page, chief engineer and OpenUp Windows parent company owner. “Our gas strut flip-out design has revolutionized the way people enjoy their indoor and outdoor home spaces.”

Additional product information is available at https://openupwindows.com/features

With 40 years of engineering experience, Page devoted his ingenuity and technical know-how toward creating a gas strut pass-through window that would change the way people enjoy their kitchens, bars, family rooms, and pool houses.

OpenUp Windows combines heavy extruded tubular aluminum with natural Accoya wood for a rich and sleek aesthetic. This design scheme offers superior insulation, reliable durability and protects against pests. Dubbed 2Fold Technology, Page’s proprietary integration blends the top-ranking thermal performance of Accoya wood with long-lasting aluminum.

Windows can be ordered or retrofitted with a pleated screen that folds up inside the top of the fullbound sill and can be pulled down to protect the home from insects. Custom window glass can be ordered for homes exposed to extreme weather conditions and to provide regional building code compliance.

Both custom and standard window sizes are shipped within 4 – 6 weeks and come with easy-to-follow plans for contractors and do-it-yourselfers. OpenUp Windows’ bespoke flip-out pass-through design makes food and bar accessibility easy and convenient so that entertaining at home becomes a friend and family favorite.

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