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All the gym’s new fitness classes will involve attendees wearing their cutting-edge wireless EMS suits. These suits use the latest in electro muscle stimulation technology to prompt the body’s muscles to work more intensively during a workout. With its new class schedule, LeanSuits is now offering a greater repertoire of distinct sessions to help class members tone different key muscle groups whilst building overall strength and flexibility, and improving their fitness levels.

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The launch of their new schedule, which features fast-paced and high-intensity 20-minute workouts, comes in response to the latest findings of the Heart Foundation. Their researchers discovered that the number one reason people give for not exercising is that they are too tired, and the third reason people cite is not having enough time.

Understanding that in bustling, busy Brisbane many people genuinely are overworked and time-poor, LeanSuits is proud to be offering a workout that is designed to give participants the metabolic benefits of a 2 to 4-hour-long standard training session in as little as 20 minutes.

Their EMS suits have been handmade in Milan and the exact same model has been featured widely in media and through celebrity endorsements, including by the Kardashians.

The premise of EMS suits is that by externally stimulating the muscles while a person is working out, they help wearers to improve their muscle and skin tone in a shorter time frame, including in difficult areas like the abs and glutes.

To take full advantage of the potential of the suits, LeanSuits is now offering more supercharged classes. This includes their patented Abs and Glute Burn classes, as well as new additions like their Get Lean, Get Tone, Extreme Lean Matts and Extreme Lean Bikes sessions.

LeanSuits offers classes Monday through to Saturday every week in its built-for-purpose new exercise studio in Toowong.

A spokesperson for the specialist gym and fitness centre said, “Powered by our industry-leading wireless EMS technology, LeanSuits’ 20-minute functional training sessions are carefully engineered to improve your overall strength, fitness, speed and endurance in as little as 6 sessions.”

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