Neurologically-Driven Bodyweight Fitness Regimen – Mobility/Strength App Updated

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PrimalThenics offers targeted exercise regimens for all ability levels, from experienced enthusiasts to those new to the fitness world. The application’s latest iteration provides users with engaging, neurologically driven routines, specially designed to maximise exercise time in the gym or at home.

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The company’s latest launch sees an expansion of its proprietary PrimalThenics series, a bodyweight-based program of movement and strength training. Subscribers can also access customised rehabilitation plans and both one-to-one and group coaching services.

The PrimalThenics platform focuses on seven main types of sessions. These include warm-ups to optimise range of motion through sport-specific routines and mobility sessions, which offer innovations in connecting neurological and physiological factors to achieve flexibility.

Beginner sessions are also included in the program. These short sessions last for under 30 minutes and provide low-impact routines focusing on posterior chain engagement and abdominal core strength.

The Foundations program offers a longer and more intense regimen at an intermediate level. These sessions last for approximately 45 minutes. Other programs include the Challenger series–a 30-day program of intense 30-minute workouts– and a kettlebell and PrimalThenics hybrid strength training class.

Fitness coaches can gain accreditation as official PrimalThenics instructors. The app features a special members area for trainers. The company also provides virtual seminars and training camps, ensuring coaches can easily access support and up-to-the-minute ideas in fitness education and practice.

The program is the work of Chris Miller who was inspired to create PrimalThenics after suffering a serious knee injury in his early twenties, followed by a tumour in his sinuses some years later. In an effort to address both the physiological and neurological damage incurred, Chris eschewed traditional rehabilitation programs to focus on his own research. He has been coaching since 1997.

Chris says, “At 34, I am the fittest, strongest, and most mobile I’ve ever been. I don’t rely on physical therapies to get me pain-free but seek to fix my own aches and pains with movement and mobility drills.”

With its latest updates, PrimalThenics continues to make fitness training flexible, versatile, and accessible to people of all abilities.

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