Handcrafted Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry & Necklaces For Mature Women Launched

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The highlight of the jeweler’s new gemstone collection is a series of necklaces that showcase unique, distinctively hued, and shaped stones, that Amasor Jewelry has designed with mature women in mind. Each new piece has been handcrafted by Amasor’s head jeweler Amy, an artisan craftswoman who takes inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of her home in California, from tribal designs, and from elegant, timeless jewelry styles.

More information is available at https://amasorjewelry.com/

Amasor Jewelery has released its new collection with mature women specifically in mind in response to the ongoing trend of most mainstream fashion and jewelry houses predominately ignoring older women. As a recent article on Jezabel explained, older women are typically completely overlooked by the fashion industry, with few styles even catering to any women aged over 35.

Amasor Jewelry wants to reverse this trend; they believe that what sets their pieces apart and makes them special – besides their intricate handcrafted designs – is the fact that they are created for mature women, who are confident in their age, their body, and their personal style.

One new highlight from the semi-precious gemstone collection is their statement Tourmaline and Agate Necklace. This weighty necklace features a large faceted center agate stone and is strung with faceted briolette tourmaline stones in soft, earthy brown and green hues.

For those mature women who are looking for a brighter color palette, Amasor Jewelry has pieces like their bold and contemporary Carnelian Cube Necklace. This handmade piece features twelve central faceted fiery orange-red sparkling carnelian stones on a hand-knotted carnelian rondelle bead chain.

In their new gemstone necklace collection, Amasor Jewelry also highlights beautiful stones like amethyst, garnet, mystic topaz, ruby, peridot, lemon quartz, and more.

Amasor Jewelry is based in Los Angeles and they ship their handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces to shoppers across America.

A spokesperson for the online jewelry boutique said, “Head jeweler Amy makes all our pieces herself, and her work is meticulous. She crafts with great consciousness as to color, weight, and balance. Amy also searches for unique quality beads, stones, and findings and this collection is the palette from which she draws when designing our pieces.”

More details can be found at https://amasorjewelry.com/

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