Montreal Medical Aesthetic Business Education For High School Graduates Launched

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Medical aesthetician courses launched by the Dermysk Academy in Montreal teach new aestheticians how to perform up to a dozen popular industry procedures, as well as covering basic business strategies, legal considerations, and how to work closely with clients.

More information about the Basic Course from the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy in Montreal, and a full listing of other courses, can be found at

The new Basic Course from the Dermysk Academy requires only a high school diploma or relevant work experience as a prerequisite, and the majority of the training can be completed online, at home, and at the student’s own pace. After completing the online training modules, students will attend hands-on, in-person training with a Dermysk specialist, to get real-world experience as a medical aesthetician.

This new approach from the Dermysk Academy uses several advanced strategies to help students gain both the knowledge and the practical skills required to be a medical aesthetician. Each training program begins with online modules so that students can take as much time as required to learn the materials thoroughly before their practical training.

To provide students with as much real-world experience as possible, Dermysk Medical Aesthetic Clinics have partnered with the Dermysk Medical Aesthetic Academy for the practical training portion. This allows the teaching staff to provide practical training with actual clients, though this process is highly supervised for both the client’s and the student’s safety.

After completion of the Basic course, students will be certified in and experienced with up to a dozen basic procedures, which may include dermaplaning, fractional ablation, micro-needling, acne treatments, and laser hair or tattoo removal.

Graduates of the Basic course will also be permitted to enroll in the Dermysk Academy’s Advanced course, which provides in-depth training for the next level of procedures. In the Advanced course, students will learn about CoolSculpting, pigmentation treatments, and several techniques that involve stem cells.

One satisfied graduate said, “The Dermysk Academy is one of the best places to get certified. Good balance between theory and hands-on assignments.”

A full list of the available courses, prerequisites, and procedures can be found on the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy website at

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