Scarborough Painless Laser Hair Removal Spa: Motus A/X Machine Now Available

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Toronto-based Radiance Medspa & Beauty Bar is excited to announce that they have purchased a Motus A/X laser hair removal machine. With the launch of this latest addition to their range of beauty treatments, Radiance Medspa is now able to offer pain-free hair removal for all skin types using Moveo technology.

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The experienced estheticians at Radiance Medspa & Beauty Bar conducted extensive research to find the best laser hair removal technology to suit the needs of all their clients, regardless of skin tone and type. According to their latest announcement, this led them to purchase the Motus A/X, an Alexandrite laser system developed by DEKA, one of Europe’s top aesthetic laser manufacturers.

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic laser procedures, and according to Radiance Medspa, the Motus A/X is safe and effective for light, dark, and tanned skin, and can remove hair from some areas in as little as five minutes. All laser hair removal devices focus highly concentrated light into hair follicles, the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, and this destroys the hair. However, many machines have limitations when treating darker skin types and patients have often had to settle for less effective or painful hair removal treatments.

The Modus A/X machine uses FDA-approved Moveo technology to treat all skin types and eliminates the trade-off between hair removal being either pain-free or effective. The Motus A/X is equipped with a Moveo handpiece that enables the operator to stay in close contact with the skin and reduce the amount of energy that is reflected and lost. This means the Motus A/X can deliver treatment at a lower target temperature for increased comfort without compromising on effectiveness and long-term results. The Moveo handpiece also uses exclusive integrated cooling technology to cool the skin that is being treated.

According to Radiance Medspa, the number of sessions required to completely eliminate unwanted hair with the Modus A/X machine will depend on a person’s skin type. A typical laser hair removal regimen is five to six sessions spaced one month apart, followed by maintenance treatments as needed.

Shenna, a satisfied client, said, “I’m in love with the ambiance. Overall great customer service. Rachan was the person who provided me with the service. I have been having lots of issues with ingrown hairs and she advised me on the do’s and don’ts and different ways to prevent them from reoccurring. Highly recommend.”

Radiance Medspa & Beauty Bar in Toronto understands the unique requirements of treating darker skin tones. Aside from painless laser hair removal, the spa offers a wide range of treatments, including chemical peels, facials, acne treatments, massage therapy, waxing, and microneedling for all skin types.

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