Manitoba Dental Implants & Overdentures To Restore Teeth: Payment Plans Updated

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A recent Thriving or Surviving study conducted by the CPA reveals savings are both a priority and a leading cause of stress among almost half of today’s Canadian adults. Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre responds to these findings by introducing payment plans Winnipeg residents in need of dentures can access so they can get the treatment they need while minimizing the impact on their finances.

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Dentures are not a choice but rather a needs-based solution people with broken, decaying or missing teeth must take to restore their oral health and uphold a good quality of life. Newly announced payment plans at Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre help remove financial barriers that would otherwise prevent individuals in need of dentures from accessing the treatment best suited to their circumstances.

“Dental implants are an investment in your health and considered today’s standard of care,” says Denturist Manny Minuk. “We offer payment plans that will help our clients find the right tooth replacement solution for their lifestyle and budget.”

A dental implant is a titanium fixture placed into the jawbone that replaces the root and fuses together with the bone. It can be used to support a crown, bridge, or denture. Implant-supported denture options include bar-retained over-dentures, ball/locator retained over-dentures, and All-on-4s.

Bar-retained over-dentures use a bar attached to two or more implants to secure the denture in place while ball/locator retained over-dentures use sockets that snap onto balls and locators on the gum line. Both options are removable and both provide a higher level of stability than a traditional denture.

All-on-4s are a permanent full arch replacement that involves four to six implants and a dental bridge for a comprehensive upper or lower arch restoration that closely replicates natural teeth.

Over-dentures and All-on-4s restore up to 95 percent of a denture candidate’s bite force, allowing them to eat what they want when they want. They also eliminate the need for denture adhesives, eliminate the potential for denture sores, and restore lost facial support associated with bone and tooth loss – an important benefit for many that a traditional denture can’t provide.

With newly updated services to include personalized payment plans, Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre is working to alleviate the financial concerns Winnipeggers in need of dentures might experience so they can focus instead on finding a restorative solution that best meets their needs.

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