Outdoor Digital Billboards, Brand Visibility & Consumer Engagement Report Launch

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With its recently published report, the outdoor advertising specialists reveal the main features of digital billboards and spotlight the top benefits of adding out-of-home advertising to a business’s marketing strategy.

More information is available at https://redmarketingfirm.com/blog/post/understanding-what-is-a-digital-billboard-by-r-e-d-marketing-firm

In its new report, R.E.D Marketing Firm highlights digital billboards’ potential to impress and engage consumers in a creative way given their capacity to display multiple marketing messages. Unlike standard billboards, these messages can be changed remotely, to communicate upcoming events or other marketing initiatives in real time.

Digital billboards have been an increasingly preferred outdoor signage by savvy organizations looking for an effective way to reach consumers in their real-life journey. With their LED display panel, which allows for rendering dynamic, eye-catching images and videos in high resolution, and innovative software for uploading and rotating content and monitoring a campaign’s performance, digital billboards present companies with the opportunity to create personalized ads that enhance brand perception, the expert says.

Another major advantage of digital billboards highlighted by R.E.D Marketing Firm is their cost-effectiveness. While they may require a higher upfront investment compared to traditional billboards, digital billboards’ price is justified on a long-term scale thanks to LED lights’ higher energy efficiency and their capacity to render multiple ads, eliminating the need for manual changes.

With this outdoor signage medium, businesses also have access to a wide range of metrics, including impressions, conversion, and engagement rates, empowering advertisers to assess key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and make decisions based on real-time data.

Recently, a number of cities and states have introduced restrictions related to the use of digital billboards. As such, R.E.D Marketing Firm recommends companies considering using them for advertising purposes get acquainted with local regulations first before commencing their campaign.

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Based in Houston, Texas, R.E.D Marketing Firm is dedicated to helping businesses build authority through strategic content marketing, multimedia campaigns, and outdoor advertising solutions across the US and Canada, including New York City and particularly Manhattan, where the Nasdaq Tower sees constantly high traffic. The team caters to organizations of all industries, including companies looking to gain attention to their crypto, DeFi, and NFT projects.

Among the recent projects carried out by the team is a digital billboard campaign for Yield Hunt Game Chapter 2 that was put on display on the Nasdaq Tower screen in Times Square.

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