Experience Fast Pain Relief Through a Combination of Chiropractic Care and Applied Kinesiology From Dr. Abel Rodriguez, a Chiropractor in La Quinta, CA

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La Quinta, CA – Dr. Abel Rodriguez offers personalized chiropractic care that meets the health needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients. This clinic addresses neck pain, headaches, back pain, sciatica, and other physical symptoms and uses non-invasive procedures like massage therapy, adjustments, heat or cold therapy, and exercises to relieve pain and inflammation. The chiropractor relieves symptoms from sports and work injuries, car accidents, poor posture, pregnancy, arthritis, and musculoskeletal conditions by re-aligning any misaligned body parts to improve their function, relieving pain, stiffness, weakness, and cramping.

The chiropractor La Quinta begins each therapy with a consultation session to diagnose the patient’s condition. The clinic occasionally hosts a discount for the initial visit that includes a consultation, a physical examination, adjustments, and any necessary therapies. They identify the root cause of the discomfort and treat it so that the misalignment does not recur. The treatments’ duration varies and depends on factors like the severity of the condition/ injury, the body’s receptiveness to the treatments, and the patient’s commitment to home exercises and recommended lifestyle changes. This clinic also uses advanced chiropractic equipment, allowing improved diagnosis and treatment accuracy.

Dr. Abel Rodriguez combines chiropractic care with applied kinesiology to improve patient outcomes. This combination increases the therapy’s effectiveness and reduces recovery periods. The clinic’s applied kinesiology involves muscle testing by observation of the body’s movements. They investigate the injured areas and treat other muscles connected to them for sustainable results. The applied kinesiology techniques eliminate the need for ‘maintenance care,’ which reduces patients’ recurring medical costs.

A quote from the clinic website states this about their services.

“The majority of our patients are usually successfully treated in about 3 to 5 treatments. Our philosophy and ultimate goal is to correct the cause of your spinal pain with as few visits as possible, and as quickly as possible. Our advanced chiropractic care includes applied kinesiology which brings an end to endlessly visiting a traditional Chiropractor 3 times a week for the rest of your life. Our work injury rehabilitation program provides an aggressive yet cautious approach to getting you back to work quickly.”

Dr. Abel Rodriguez also treats scoliosis, TMJ, vertigo, and food intolerances. The clinic’s chiropractor is among the world’s authorities in energy healing. Its team offers energy medicine which uses neuro-emotional sequential applied kinesiology to identify the cause of pain or disease. The chiropractor then performs energy healing to heal the injury and positively affects many other factors of the patient’s life for improved strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.

For consultation and booking, contact the staff at 760-564-2338. Visit the clinic website for more information on their non-invasive chiropractic and applied kinesiology services. Dr. Abel Rodriguez is located at 78353 Highway 111, La Quinta, California, 92253, US.

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