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From divorce to custody, taking family to court is among the most stressful experiences a person can have. That is what motivated Jennifer Frese, after nearly two decades of professional experience as an attorney, to expand her family law services to reach more people in her home state of Iowa.

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Frese originally started her solo practice to allow her the freedom to work more closely with the individual circumstances of each client. Since no two cases are the same, Frese wanted more individuals to have access to personalized legal advice. To meet this need, Frese expanded her consultations to assess the needs of new clients throughout Iowa before they make the commitment to hiring an attorney.

In addition to the often exorbitant cost of court fees and fines, there can be a significant emotional toll to legal battles, especially in family law cases. Multiple studies have found that divorce and custody cases can substantially impact feelings of anxiety and depression, even in otherwise healthy individuals.

This is why Frese dedicated her practice to finding the best solution for each client’s situation. When it comes to family law, this often includes mediation to settle as much as possible outside of court. Court can be a necessary step for many clients, but effective mediation ensures that valuable time and energy aren’t being wasted on unnecessary hearings.

As the sole practitioner of her practice, Frese has the freedom to offer this level of personal attention to every client, tailoring her services to their personal goals and circumstances. While everyone deserves competent representation, many simply need professional advice to decide whether court is the right option to begin with.

Having seen the fallout of countless divorces and custody battles, Frese understands the importance of handling family law with patience and tact. With expert guidance and mediation, many clients are able to find more amicable solutions than they could in court, and when court is unavoidable, Frese is prepared to fight for everything to which her clients are entitled.

About her practice, Frese shared that “I am here for you. You want a compassionate lawyer that is going to listen to your needs and handle it. I will do just that.”

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