Manitoba Rebase Implant Overdentures For The Over-50s With House Calls Updated

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The latest announcement from Minuk Digital Denture and Implant Centre offers clients a comfortable and durable alternative to standard removable dentures. Minuk Denture Clinic offers complimentary consultations for those wishing to discuss their denture treatment options.

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The announcement explains how dentures over implants function like natural teeth, allowing the wearer to enjoy their favourite foods without fear of the denture coming loose or feeling self-conscious when in social settings. While bite power is compromised to some degree in all forms of prosthetic teeth, dentures secured by implants stay in place removing any doubt of them coming loose.

With traditional dentures, bite force is reduced by over 95%. This continues to decrease over time. Other drawbacks of these more traditional dentures include bone loss. If dentures are not properly fit, they can lead to sores and chewing and digestion difficulties.

Minuk’s implant-supported dentures over implants are retained by dental implants, acting as an anchor for the prosthetic teeth. They can replace some or all of a client’s teeth depending on the individualized treatment plan required. Implant dentures, unlike traditional analog dentures, do not cover the roof of the mouth and make for a more enjoyable eating experience.

As with analog or traditional dentures, dentures over implants require consistent maintenance such as relines, rebases, and check-ups. These are all vital for an optimal fit. Dentures over implants can last a long while if properly maintained and it is important to see the Denturist yearly.

Minuk is currently offering complimentary consultations to discuss all denture treatment options offered. If it is not possible to come into the office, a house call can be arranged.

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The centre has been in business since 1977 and employs a large team of Denturists and Support Staff, all dedicated to delivering positive client outcomes.

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