Day: March 16, 2023

  • Self-Directed Gold IRA Investments: Portfolio Diversification Guide Launch

    The new report offers practical investing tips and strategies for retirement planners, seniors, and those worried about financial uncertainty. It is part of a growing library of resources dedicated to helping investors make smarter portfolio decisions. More information can be found at: With geopolitical instability on the rise and fresh banking concerns in the […]

  • Atlanta Asphalt Shingle & Metal Residential Roof Replacement Services Launched

    The recent upgrade comes with Colony Roofers aiming to provide Atlanta homeowners with access to the full array of advantages brought by the latest roofing industry developments. For roofs damaged by storms or worn down by the passage of time, the local roofers are now able to offer modern replacement options with long-term durability. For […]

  • Window Galaxy USA Owner Named Woman Of Distinction By Nationwide Registries

    The recent announcement is a testament to Ghada Abouchakra’s dedication to helping more families live in energy-efficient homes. As president of Window Galaxy USA, Abouchakra personally ensures that every home improvement project is tailored to the needs, budget, and personal style of the client. The company remains a trusted home remodeling and energy expert in […]

  • Toronto Real Estate Agent Mary Taylor Joins with eXp Realty Inc. of Canada

    As part of Mary Taylor ‘s ongoing effort to improve the brokerage services offered to clients, the Toronto-based real estate agent has moved to a new brokerage firm, eXp Realty Inc. of Canada. Mary Taylor spoke highly of the change in brokerage firms, saying ” I am excited to join eXp Realty of Canada and […]

  • Hamburg Private Aged Care By Dietrich Wienecke, Admin Assistance Service Updated

    Dietrich Wienecke founded ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat in order to address a gap he identified in the aged care industry across Germany, and particularly in Hamburg: the provision of daily care for the elderly. Now, Dietrich Wienecke is proud to be announcing that they have updated their network of service providers and, as such, can now provide […]

  • Seattle Dermaplaning Facials With Modern Equipment: Booking Availability Update

    The newly announced service gives Seattle women and men access to a non-invasive facial treatment that is less aggressive than microdermabrasion yet offers similar corrective benefits. Penelope and the Beauty Bar is known for its world-class services and superior equipment and has been featured in numerous high-profile magazines that include ELLE, Vogue, and Allure. Appointments […]

  • Search Box Optimization: Google & Bing SBO Autocomplete Marketing Service Launch

    The new service uses a focused keyword approach to increase brand awareness and improve visibility. The goal is for clients to be the first company that customers see when they search within a specific field or subject. More information can be found at: With the latest move, Mobile Splash aims to help more businesses […]

  • Bulk Medical-Grade Surface Disinfectant Supplier To Dentists: Products Updated

    Dentists can now access the full range of surface disinfectants and dental tools announced by SurgiMac for 2023, including hospital-grade disinfectants for the complete elimination of microorganisms on dental instruments. More information can be found at SurgiMac is able to provide clinics, dental practices, and denturists with premium quality disinfectants and tools from trusted […]

  • Top St. James Hair Salon The Collective Moves To New Location at 328 Lake Ave

    The Collective Salon has been a cornerstone of the beauty industry in Lake Worth, Florida since its establishment. The salon has been located at 420 Lake Ave for years, and has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality services and talented staff. However, the salon has recently announced that it will be moving to a […]

  • The Crypto Merchant Expands Offerings With Trezor & Ledger Cold Storage Wallets

    The latest move sees the company expanding its comprehensive collection of offline and cold storage solutions for DeFi enthusiasts. The store curates a wide selection of devices from some of the world’s leading brands such as Ledger, SecuX, and Trezor. More details can be found at The announcement details why having the right kind […]