School Chaplain Training | Youth Leader Program For College Students Launched

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The new training program is available for college students with no experience teaching or working for youth programs. After completing the course, students get their chaplaincy accreditation and can start working as a chaplain, even if they are still in college.

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The National School Chaplain Association’s (NSCA) recently launched training program helps college students interested in becoming chaplains or youth leaders get a head start in their careers. It allows them to get work experience, earn a teacher’s salary, and develop crucial, real-life skills that they can only get with hands-on training. They also cultivate relationships and networks with students, schools, and organizations that will forward their careers in the future.

According to the NSCA, the year-long course counts toward the student’s bachelor’s or associate’s degree, so there is no need to take a gap year and fall behind on their studies if they take this course. Conducted in association with Oklahoma Christian University, it centers around the duties and responsibilities of a school chaplain and the style and beliefs that the NSCA practices.

The chaplaincy program has a deep, religious foundation, as the NSCA’s primary goal is to bring prayer back into schools and teach the youth about God and the Bible. Chaplains, however, serve all the students in the school, regardless of religion, and do not force Christian ideologies upon any child or teenager who comes to them for guidance.

After completing the program, the trainee will get their accreditation and soon be ready for placement. However, they first need to be listed in the National School Chaplain Association Register and pass background checks, including police, FBI, Interpol, and social media, to ensure that they fit the standard of the association before they get their badge and are placed with a local school. They can start working and earning as a chaplain even if they are still in the process of completing their degree, but they must be able to adjust their schedules accordingly to accommodate both.

“NSCA-trained Chaplains receive a certificate, badge, and ID card. Your chaplain membership in NSCA enrolls you into a national fellowship of like-minded ministers and servants, which includes exclusive education opportunities, programs, and seminars to continue learning and growing in your ability to impact your community,” a representative of the association said.

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