Phuket, Thailand Digital Nomad Definitive Guide For Remote Workers Launched

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“How To Be A Digital Nomad in Phuket, Thailand” provides information for remote workers looking for the next place to set up their digital work space.

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Digital nomads who are traveling the world can now find out what they need to know about remote working in Phuket, Thailand, before buying an airline ticket.

This guide explains that working remotely on this island gives digital nomads a number of things to do when they are not working, including visiting temples, beaches, golf courses, hiking, and island hopping to smaller neighboring islands.

Included in this guide is an easy-to-navigate chart with the kind of information a person needs in order to know what items to bring. For instance, since the local supply voltage is 230V, a visitor will know to bring only devices that can be charged with that amount of power.

For individuals who work remotely to travel the world, the guide’s cost-of-living section will help them determine if Phuket is ideal for a lengthy stay. It shows the cost of living for expats and families and includes the average price of a one-bedroom apartment and a coworking space.

Since some areas of Phuket can be very noisy and busy with tourist activities, the guide recommends that newcomers to the island explore the various neighborhoods before deciding where to live.

This chart also has a section that lists the pros and cons of living as a digital nomad in Phuket. Pros include a low crime rate, fast internet, good quality hospitals, and an affordable cost of living. Some, however, might be disappointed with the lack of English speakers, underdeveloped infrastructure, and the humid environment.

“Digital nomads who would like to soak up the island’s affluent society will definitely be spoilt for choice during their stay in Phuket,” the guide stated. “Of course, it holds true that these locations can obtain really crowded throughout summer, but if you occur to be in Phuket throughout the low season, you might simply get these islands all to yourself.”

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