Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Fatigue Treated at The Functional Medicine Center

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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, with its subsequent conditions of weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, and mood disorders, is, according to Dr. Steve Hyjek of The Functional Medicine Center, a thyroid disease that is commonly treated with medication only. Unfortunately, this results in the patient being dependent on medication for the rest of their lives, and still leaves them feeling unwell most of the time.

“Many of the patients I see who have Hashimoto’s have been given a prescription by their medical care provider, but their symptoms go unresolved because they don’t receive the necessary care that would diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the disease. We like to take a different approach,” says Dr. Steve Hyjek, Doctor of Chiropractic, Owner at The Functional Medicine Center. “We can get at the root of this thyroid disease and help most of our patients make huge strides towards feeling substantially better, while fixing many of the underlying issues that caused them to not feel well.

Patients can – and often do – have hypothyroid (low thyroid) symptoms as well as a TSH test that comes back with a normal result, confusing the diagnostic picture. The problem is that the TSH test is a poor diagnostic tool and when used alone it misses the majority of thyroid problems. The TSH test can be likened to measuring a car’s oil levels, but ignoring the leak in the engine that is draining the oil level.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis can be easily detected through blood testing of thyroid antibodies. Determining the underlying source of the problem requires a detailed health history and diagnostic testing.

The Functional Medicine Center in Irvine, California specializes in helping people with thyroid conditions and has had a great deal of success in helping people with these conditions, including Hashimoto’s Disease.

Patients have seen remarkable changes when they are treated by Dr. Steve Hyjek at The Functional Medicine Center, whether in person or through the practice’s virtual consultation platform.

“Within 30 days of beginning treatment with Dr. Steve, my brain fog was completely gone, my anxiety greatly reduced, my face and hand numbness and tingling almost non-existent,” says Shannon, a patient who has been treated for Hashimoto’s. “And my energy levels were so improved that my husband actually looked at me and said, ‘It’s so nice to see you being who I always knew you were inside.’ I’d lost some weight, too – and felt like an entirely new person in many ways.”

Dr. Steve believes that thyroid health should be treated with a comprehensive and personalized approach. He runs specialized testing including TSH, free T4, free T3, Reverse T3, and antibody levels in order to properly diagnose a patient’s condition. More importantly, he also runs tests to locate and correct the root cause of thyroid problems.

By determining the cause of Hashimoto’s or other thyroid diseases and assessing the issues that may be related, The Functional Medicine Center can create a program to help patients regulate their weight, regain their energy, eliminate brain fog, and feel good again, all without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Steve Hyjek has dedicated his career to helping people get healthy. By integrating a groundbreaking systems-oriented approach to medicine known as Functional Medicine with a Physical Medicine approach focused on Chiropractic, low level laser, and corrective exercise, Dr. Steve has created a unique hybrid that utilizes the most advanced therapies available to achieve optimum wellness. He is a leader in his field and through his private practice, community outreach, and public speaking he seeks to empower others to stop managing symptoms and start correcting the underlying causes of illness. Dr. Steve Hyjek opened The Functional Medicine Center to provide personalized healthcare solutions to achieve better living through better health.

The Functional Medicine Center has helped many people with thyroid disease including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and Grave’s disease. Those who suspect they may be dealing with thyroid disease are invited to contact The Functional Medicine Center, which can be reached through their website at: https://fxmedicinecenter.com/contact-us/

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