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With the latest update, the firm has improved its capacity to fulfill a range of technology needs, including frontend, backend, and mobile development. Staff now offered has undergone extensive screening for both technical and English-speaking skills, and a streamlined hiring process allows them to be onboarded in as little as 5-10 business days.

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ParallelStaff states that the recent expansion was driven by the success of its nearshore outsourcing model, which offers several benefits over traditional offshore services. Some of the advantages the firm highlights include the ability of staff to work in US time zones, the familiarity of candidates with local systems and processes, and the ability for clients to scale projects rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.

A recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC) draws attention to the growing levels of investment in digital transformation. The company projects that spending will reach approximately $3.4 trillion by 2026, with development efforts now occurring across both core and support business functions.

As ParallelStaff points out, the current emphasis on digital transformation has exacerbated tech talent shortages, and many companies are unable to find suitably qualified and experienced engineers. The latest updates are designed to address these issues, offering high-quality candidates that can be engaged at relatively short notice.

Along with backend and frontend engineers, ParallelStaff’s talent pool now extends to QA and software testing, data management, UX/UI, and cloud development. Candidates can be engaged to augment an existing IT capability, or dedicated teams can be assembled for specific project requirements.

About ParallelStaff

Based in the US, ParallelStaff’s goal is to retain the cost-effective and scalable nature of outsourcing, while eliminating many common challenges. The firm’s rigid hiring processes are designed to maintain high levels of quality and include technical proficiency screening, English language assessments, and security background checks.

One client organization stated: “ParallelStaff is in the same time zone, which has greatly aided our productivity, especially since we’re an agile organization. They have high-quality engineers who are always prepared to go above and beyond to add value to our development programs.”

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