Small Group Instruction Tips To Foster Active Learning: Teaching Guide Announced

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This recently announced guide by award-winning educators Terwilliger and Sackstein focuses on ways in which teachers can provide their students with leadership opportunities and exercises in accountability in the classroom. The book contains new pedagogical techniques devised by the authors to specifically cater to students in 6th-12th grade.

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“Hacking Learning Centers”, as the title suggests, focuses its pedagogical framework around the idea that the physical spaces in which teaching is conducted are just as important as the material being taught. The new advice presented in the book is intended to help teachers design and build better learning spaces and systems to encourage collaboration and creative thought.

Like the other titles in the “Hack Learning” series, this book presents a combination of short and long-term strategies, which include so-called “do it tomorrow” tips that can be immediately implemented. The authors concede, however, that constructing ideal physical environments can be time and resource-consuming, and much of their focus is on streamlining that process.

The authors of this title set out to encourage teachers to embrace the material needs of their students by organizing classroom spaces in a more personalized and space-efficient manner. They argue that doing so can help students more freely exercise their creativity and leadership skills due to the fact that resources are more readily available.

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This book is the result of the collaboration between authors Starr Sackstein and Karen Terwilliger, both of whom are professional educators and experts in innovative pedagogical strategies. Sackstein, additionally, is an education technology designer whose career has given her an intimate understanding of the material needs of both the student and teacher in a classroom setting.

Their combined expertise has led them to create “Hacking Learning Centers” in order to convey the importance of group collaboration among students. The tips in the book focus on the multiple ways in which that kind of teamwork can be encouraged simply by constructing more welcoming spaces for students to learn in.

This title joins many others in the “Hack Learning” series, all of which present unique pedagogical perspectives from industry leaders in education. This title is available in both paperback and ebook formats, and can be found on the Times 10 Publications website or on Amazon.

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