Rental Property Management Background Checks Guide For Landlords Released

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The guide has been recently published by the property management software company to educate landlords and renters with little or no experience in the market on the steps involved in a tenant screening process, and the timeline for each step. Rentec Direct also lists helpful tips to make the background check faster and more accurate for both parties.

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By reading the company’s latest guide, first-time landlords and renters will find out how long a background check process generally takes after a rental application is submitted and what factors are involved from submission to approval.

Rentec Direct explains that a typical background check for rental property will include identification verification, rental history, a credit check, employment verification, proof of income, and criminal history. The guide gives a timeframe and identifies the specific checks involved in each step. The expert recommends landlords obtain instant or near-instant reports from a reliable tenant screening provider for all aspects of the background check, cautioning that using inaccurate or incomplete information can stall the process or eliminate a prospective tenant.

The guide also highlights the advantages of using property management software for landlords looking to reduce tenant screening times, utilizing a range of application and vacancy marketing tools that also help them find suitable tenants. This type of software also comes with clear application instructions and allows users to customize questions and establish rental criteria, shortening the background check process for both parties.

About Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is a property management software provider that assists landlords and property management companies with all their management needs. Their platform features accounting tools, an owner’s portal, electronic signature capabilities, work order management solutions, tenant screening applications, tenant portals, and more.

Nathan Miller, president of the company, said, “Your property will only be as successful as the rent-paying tenants who sign the lease. The only way to legally find a qualified tenant is to utilize tenant screening resources. A credit report gives you a look into a renter’s bill-paying habits, a criminal report sheds light on a renter’s rule-abiding behavior and an eviction history report shows if a renter has a court record of an eviction.”

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