Practical Literacy Teaching Strategies For Language Educators: Book Announced

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This book showcases some simple, actionable tips that teachers of all experience levels can use to build a culture of reading in their classrooms. These tips focus on short-term solutions which can be used as a basis for longer-term growth, encouraging teachers to focus on the foundation of their teaching philosophy.

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This book has been released to contend with some of the common myths surrounding literacy in the classroom, and to help override some outdated or stale pedagogical practices. The ultimate goal of this text is to help teachers incentivize reading in the classroom through a variety of means, turning reluctant or unenthusiastic students into curious, exploratory book lovers.

This title is geared toward educators teaching high school, but may be helpful even in a middle school setting for children who are unwilling to engage with literature. By encouraging engagement with the individual student, Dawson ensures that the advice he presents can be applied in a wide variety of situations.

One reader had the following to say about the text: “I found this book to be not only inspiring but practical as well. I love that it gives suggestions that I can implement immediately as well as ones that require more planning. As a first year teacher, I am thankful to have this tool in my teacher toolbox.”

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Dawson’s advice centers mainly on the idea that reading cannot be imposed upon the student body from above, but rather must be cultivated over time through careful observation of a student’s individual learning style. In the text, he explains ways in which educators can build upon a student’s pre-existing interests to instill in them an organic love of reading.

“Hacking Literacy” joins a variety of other texts in the “Hack Learning” series, which cover a wide range of pedagogical topics and points of contention or debate in the teaching community. Throughout the series, readers are exposed to different perspectives and schools of thought to ensure that readers are able to find something that works for them.

Gerard Dawson assembled the advice in this book over the course of a long career as a New Jersey high school teacher. His observations and first-hand experience in that position led him to become a prominent voice in many teaching communities as he continues to share resources and knowledge with the world at large.

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