Lab-Tested Cordyseps Nootropic For Memory: Awareness Campaign Launched

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The latest report is the work of company director and lead physician Dr. Tom O’Bryan – a lifelong advocate of complementary alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions for a wide range of chronic health conditions. Drawing on a large evidence base from a series of peer-reviewed studies, Dr. O’Bryan disseminates the science behind the growing credibility of herbal remedies among the medical fraternity. The campaign coincides with the release of’s new guide to nutrition and brain health.

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Dr. O’Bryan’s recent statement highlights the role that nootropic and neurotrophic elements play in the body’s ability to combat inflammation and increase the flow of blood to the brain. He points to studies that demonstrate how extracts from fungi such as Cordyceps have significant therapeutic potential for anti-aging and neuronal plasticity. The campaign is made possible by’s exclusive partnership with complementary medicine manufacturer Sun Horse Energy.

Cordyceps Sinensis, is an entomopathogenic fungus that grows on insects. An animal study published by the Phytotherapy Research journal found that the fungus acted as a powerful antioxidant and improved memory in test subjects. The extract helped to neutralize free radicals, offering cell protection to slow or reverse the aging process.’s campaign also highlights the importance of nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) in supporting the immune system, stimulating activity in the hippocampus, and reducing neurological inflammation. A 2008 paper by the US National Academy of Sciences stated that BDNF was essential for the persistence of long-term memory storage. Caterpillar Fungi are one of several adaptogenic extracts that stimulate the production of both NGF and BDNF.

Dr. O’Bryan explains that Cordyceps is also widely used for its cancer-fighting properties and its potential in treating liver disease and kidney disorders alongside bolstering athletic performance.

A spokesperson for says, “With its powerful anti-tumor properties, the ability to regulate the endocrine system, enhance your immune function, and protect the kidneys, lung, liver, and other organs, Cordyceps might be our favorite.”

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