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The company’s latest launch is targeted toward day traders who have some stock market experience but have become frustrated in their attempts to break through to a higher and more consistent level of returns. MIC is supporting these individuals through its mentorship program which gives subscribers exclusive access to guidance from seasoned and successful traders.

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The announcement outlines the platform’s expanded range of features and explains why intermediate traders are well-placed to benefit from MIC’s coaching model. While there are similar services elsewhere on the web, ‘My Investing Club’ distinguishes itself through its team of dedicated pro trader mentors who are available seven days a week for one-to-one tuition and skill sharing. The company seeks to educate a new generation of traders with techniques that are proven to work in all market cycles.

According to Investopedia, there are four phases of market movement, and understanding these is crucial to successful day trading practice. The accumulation phase sees the market bottom out, providing opportunities for stocks to be snapped up at low prices. The markup phase denotes the period when the market appears to have leveled, causing a rush of buyers. The distribution phase sees the market turn bearish with sellers running the game while the mark-down phase sees laggards salvaging and selling what they can as prices plummet.

MIC mentors guide members through each of these phases, demonstrating how developing an understanding of these movements can be used to advance returns for intraday buyers and sellers. Technical analysis is also crucial to this process and MIC subscribers are given real-time trading seminars to explain how this works in practice.

Other features of the mentorship program include weekly webinars, daily trading blueprints and watchlists, small-cap runner strategy training, teaching on large-cap and options strategies, a companion mobile app, and a paper trading simulated demo account.

A spokesperson says, “We have video lessons on every single aspect of trading so when you need to learn something, you have multiple lessons from multiple mentors on that very topic. Nothing in trading education history cuts down the learning curve like this.”

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