Global Phone System: VoIP Calling & Texts With US Area Codes: Quotes Updated

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Bigly Sales, a global communication platform company for sales professionals, now offers a dedicated United States phone number accessible from any computer for $2 a line and calls at $.03 cents a minute to the United States and Canada.

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The company’s comprehensive software solution provides a single portal where sales professionals and business owners can manage and track all emails, calls, and text replies in a single location. Additionally, users can send thousands of emails for marketing campaigns, tag and segment audiences within their portfolio, and use the platform to visualize and track task management.

As part of their updated pricing for U.S. phone numbers, Bigly Sales offers full reporting, real-time analytics, and unlimited users and contacts. Additionally, the company offers a sister text service at $.01 a text with parallel analytics and tracking capabilities.

The platform can be used at no charge. A key feature of the technology is its automated data entry, which ensures all text, emails, and phone transcripts are updated following a communication event.

Large companies often have dedicated marketing departments to plan, execute, and track big messaging campaigns. But for smaller companies that lack such resources, conducting a large promotional effort can be time-consuming and costly.

As a result, Bigly Sales has designed their solution to provide mass messaging capabilities manageable by one person. Their email and text blast service provides pre-created templates, a picture library, and facilitates messaging to thousands of business contacts.

For those sales professionals working and traveling internationally, Bigly Sales Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution provides a flexible and effective communication option. VoIP enables users to access their phone system from anywhere, so long as they have an internet connection.

Additionally, VoIP can reduce the cost of monthly phone bills since it uses an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Functionally, the technology has options for automated call routing and voicemail transcription, which can help streamline customer service operations.

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