Freestyle Swimming: 2-Beat Flutter Kick Training Program For Triathletes Updated

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SWIMVICE’s updated Kick Start Program is a 2-part course teaching swimmers how to execute a 2-beat, 4-beat, and 6-beat freestyle kick. While suitable for everyone, the Kick Start Program is especially beneficial to triathletes and iron man athletes looking to improve their endurance in their long-distance swim events.

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The freestyle stroke, or front crawl, is the most common of all swim strokes, and regularly produces the fastest times in competitions. Because the legs use less energy in a freestyle stroke, more energy can be put towards the arm pull, which has much lower drag than other strokes. However, for a freestyle stroke to be maximum efficient, the flutter kicks have to be timed so that they alternate in unison with the arm pulls. SWIMVICE’s expanded Kick Start Program shows swimmers how to time these flutter kicks correctly.

Throughout the 2-part series, swimmers will learn everything from basic floating to changing kick patterns mid-stroke. “Part 1 focuses more on the fundamentals of the freestyle kick, while Part 2 is more about the details and fine-tuning technique and timing,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Professional swim coach and SWIMVICE founder Mandy Bradley teaches the lessons through a combination of video, audio, and PDF files. In addition to the files, swimmers are also expected to test what they learn by completing pool work, dryland training, and theory.

The Kick Start Program is designed to help swimmers of all ages and skill levels with their freestyle kick. The course is particularly helpful to competitive swimmers, triathletes, and iron man athletes, who have to cover long distances in races and therefore want to enhance their economy of movement.

To enroll in the SWIMVICE Kick Start Program, swimmers must also become a part of the SWIMVICE Community. This exclusive network connects and engages swimmers from all over the world, providing them with additional courses, discussion groups, and live streams to help them improve.


After 15 years as a competitive swimmer, and 10 as a coach, Mandy Bradley started SWIMVICE as a YouTube Channel in 2012. Noticing that the demand for swim content was high, she created the SWIMVICE Community in 2022. Since then, it has grown to be recognized as one of the best online swim training programs in the industry.

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