Escondido Rooftop & Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Installation Services Updated

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The company has expanded its solar services for homeowners – as new federal legislation has increased the incentives for all property owners, driving consumer demand for more affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

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Baker Electric Home Energy now provides homeowners with customized solar installations and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure their system runs effectively. The company, which has been serving Southern California since 1938, offers both rooftop panel installations and ground-mounted systems – an ideal alternative when the roof isn’t suitable but open land is available.

While California already leads the country in solar roof panel installations, new state legislation along with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is expected to spur another surge in residential and commercial development. The latter will provide $369 billion in tax credits and supplemental funding to ensure reduced energy costs. The immediate effect for property owners is a spike in the solar investment tax credit from 26% to 30%.

Baker Electric Home Energy has already installed over 20,000 systems across Southern California. The recent federal and state initiatives mean that more local families can get professional services to match their needs. California’s new AB 2316 bill, passed in late summer, is anticipated to fuel community solar statewide over the next years.

The company’s solar solutions are designed to allow for customers’ energy independence, eliminating their reliance on the national grid and the high monthly expenses associated with electricity. Flexible payment options are available, and Baker Electric Home Energy is now encouraging clients to lock in terms for NEM 2.0 (Net Energy Metering) before NEM 3.0 goes into full effect. NEM is the program that credits customers’ electric bills when their solar system sends surplus energy back to the grid.

To ensure maximum home energy efficiency, Baker Electric Home Energy also provides heating and cooling services, smart thermostats, and electrical upgrades in addition to advanced solar installation options.

One customer recently commented: “Excellent experience. The crews were very professional and quite large to get the required work done in one day. Roofers, then solar, then roofers again, 3 days. They were very respectful of our historic home and obviously had experience with red clay tile roofs. They were also able to work around our delicate gardens. Very, very satisfied.”

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