Emotional Burden Release Breakthrough Coaching Retreat For High Earners Launched

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The newly announced life-planning retreat was created for high-achievers, senior executives, and business owners, who would like to upgrade their mindset and achieve breakthroughs in the critical areas of life, be it business, career, money, relationships, spirituality, or love. The program takes place in exotic locations worldwide, allowing participants to experience a physical and emotional withdrawal from their everyday life, spending this time in deep self-reflection, planning, and consciously creating their incredible life.

For additional information, go to https://tonyselimi.com/vital-planning-retreat

Tony J. Selimi is considered a global authority in meaningful living, empowerment, human behavior, and excellence. The latest program, added to his already vast portfolio of coaching services, seeks to offer guidance and strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, get clarity, and create a values-driven vision and a mission for an inspiring life.

The sessions feature workshops that teach attendees how to practice methods and principles that grow and elevate their mindset to a place of empowerment and abundance. They will learn to accept and let go of destructive emotions and thoughts, nourish healthier relationships with others, and be their true authentic selves. With Selimi’s guidance, they will achieve higher levels of consciousness and activate new dimensions of potentiality.

In a relaxed and exclusive setting, attendees are encouraged to open their minds to receive all the positive principles in Tony’s trademarked coaching approach, the TJSeMethod: ALARM(R), has to offer. These are twenty-five conscious engineering principles weaved into the acronym ALARM, the Unfakeable Code(R) five-step method, Behavioural Change Principles(R), Values Clarification Process(R) and the Octagon of Excellence(R) Method.

A grateful client says, “I have approached Tony J. Selimi to seek support to address the imbalances that I had created in different areas of my life, including health, personal relations, and career. One year down the line, by applying the science-based principles embedded in the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM(R), I am creating the dream life I want. I feel empowered, healthy, and on the trajectory for becoming a global purpose-driven leader.”

About Tony J. Selimi

Having experienced poverty, civil war, and other traumatic events in his childhood, Tony was able to reinvent his life into one with a powerful mission. His trademark phrase, “Living Life in Peace is Priceless,” indicates where his values lie. His vision is to guide others in reigniting their innate abilities with empowerment in eight essential areas of life: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Love, Business, and Financial.

Interested parties can find more information at https://tonyselimi.com/vital-planning-retreat

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