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The enhanced platform offers access to a large and growing database of suppliers and talent pools. Advanced AI is now being used to match a company’s open roles with professional and technical candidates who meet position requirements. Configurable and streamlined hiring processes are also designed to reduce the workload on HR teams.

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The recent update from Prosperix comes as many organizations report difficulties finding and hiring suitably qualified talent. The company’s crowdstaffing hiring marketplace offers a fast expansion of a company’s available talent pools, while also reducing time-to-hire.

The global talent shortage has now reached a 16-year high, according to a recent ManpowerGroup report. Almost every sector is impacted, including IT and technology, education, health, government, manufacturing, banking, retail, restaurants, and construction. Of over 40,000 businesses surveyed, 3 in 4 said they cannot find the people they need.

Prosperix highlights that this is placing a significant strain on the HR approaches traditionally used by many companies. The company’s hiring marketplace aims to address this in several ways. In the first instance, it offers the ability for businesses to rapidly expand their network of suppliers across both niche and general industries.

Along with increasing talent pools, the platform also offers improved efficiencies that reduce the workload of in-house HR personnel. Prosperix now undertakes active qualification and curation of candidates, and utilizes AI-assisted talent-matching algorithms designed to eliminate time-consuming manual processes.

About Prosperix

In addition to its hiring marketplace, Prosperix also offers a workforce vendor management system (VMS), on-demand talent pools, direct sourcing, and expert workforce management solutions. The company’s innovative solutions have been used by Walmart, KPMG, Avon, NBCUniversal, and other leading brands.

One vendor manager recently stated: “Prosperix is a great option for our business. It allows us to achieve immediate objectives like process automation and advanced business intelligence without sacrificing our long-term vision. We’re now developing win-win partnerships with our most reliable talent suppliers, and everyone is excited about where it’s headed.”

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