Baltimore Car & Motorcycle Accident Attorney To Get Justice For Victims, Update

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According to The Washington Post, traffic fatalities increased by seven percent in 2020 and 10.5 percent in 2021, reaching a 20-year high. Given these statistics, the Baltimore, MD Maryland Injury Guys Accident Attorneys now help auto and motorcycle accident victims and their loved ones through 24/7, no-obligation legal consultations and a no-win, no-fee policy for affected parties.

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The Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore firm’s recently expanded services also encompass access to a 24/7 injury hotline and no-cost case evaluations to determine whether clients can make compensation claims.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accident-related deaths have been increasing for seven quarters since the third quarter of 2020. Despite a decline in the second quarter of 2022, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg believes traffic deaths remain inordinately high and ongoing preventative action is needed.

In light of these trends, Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore’s attorneys strive to mitigate the traumatic effects of traffic injuries and fatalities on victims and their loved ones. Over decades of experience, they have seen many kinds of automotive accident claims, as well as the defensive tactics insurance companies use to avoid payouts. The firm’s attorneys have a deep understanding of the legal procedures available to claimants.

Besides their no-obligation consultations and fee exemption policy, Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore has the resources necessary to see a claim through to completion. They will conduct meticulous case analyses and investigations, gather evidence, employ expert witnesses, and deploy the necessary resources to make a strong case.

In the spirit of making justice possible for all, the law firm considers most of its cases on a contingency fee basis, which means if the client’s case is not successful, then they will not owe the firm any fees. Their offices are open to potential claimants statewide at 12 locations, including Glen Burnie, Bowie, Kensington, Essex, and Rockville.

A satisfied client said, “The personal injury attorneys who assisted me with my case were outstanding communicators and aggressive supporters. They did not stop until I received financial compensation to help with my medical bills. I’m so thankful for the entire team.”

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