Adventist Healthy Eating Programs: Plant-Based Lifestyle Recipes

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The new healthy eating programs promote eating foods that are considered nourishing by the Bible, particularly the Book of Leviticus. While the program has slight variations, the main characteristic of the lifestyle change is to consume more whole plant foods and reduce, or sometimes completely eliminate, eating animal products.

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Seventh-Day Adventist Diet’s healthy eating programs include 5 simple food preparation tips to begin a “clean” lifestyle. First, the group explains that food preparation should be as simple as possible. Cooking sometimes is not necessary and those following the eating program should try to consume their foods raw, when appropriate.

Second, people should eat the most nutrient-dense foods first, such as fruits and vegetables. This helps satiate the person faster so that they consume less low-nutrient-dense foods. Some Adventists suggest eating fruits and vegetables at separate meals for improved digestion.

Third, people are encouraged to chew their food slowly and savor each bite. Adventists believe that chewing helps with digestion and can eliminate emotional eating patterns. This should be followed with regular eating times. Eating at set times also reduces the risk of snacking, particularly junk foods.

Lastly, Adventists encourage people to start eating for their health. The group says that it can become challenging to eat more nutritious food when going out with friends or family, but people should develop the discipline to only consume foods that can nourish the body.

Seventh-Day Adventist Diet recommends eating a variety of rainbow-colored foods every day.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, “The Adventist model of Nutrition comes from the standpoint of design. While the body was designed to be very resilient and to make the best use of a range of foods, according to the Scripture, it was originally designed to function best on natural plant foods. While there is definite variance as to each exact plant food that one can eat – such as limitations due to individual sensitivities, or disease conditions – meaningful investigations and studies into restorative health arrive at the same conclusion.”

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