US Nearshore iOS Developers: Cost-Effective & Fast Hire IT Talent Pool Expands

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The company now offers high-quality Latin American software developers who are available to augment an existing capability or work as part of newly established/dedicated project teams. In addition to front-end and back-end specialists, companies have access to a wide variety of mobile developers experienced in Android, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, React Native, and more.

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ParallelStaff is aware of the ongoing IT talent shortages and the difficulties that many smaller companies face in finding and hiring suitably qualified staff. As such, the company has expanded its nearshore staffing service to provide the cost-efficiencies of traditional offshore outsourcing, while removing the associated downsides of that approach.

A recent report from highlights some of the most common challenges faced when outsourcing an IT capability. They include time zone differences, language and cultural barriers, lack of expertise, and slow turnaround times.

To address these issues, ParallelStaff offers an alternative solution for companies that are in need of mobile, front-end, or back-end developers. The company’s nearshore talent works in US time zones, with candidates having a strong understanding of the systems and processes used by US companies. A strict screening process requires both technical proficiency and English language skills.

“Hiring onshore IT talent can be cost-prohibitive,” a company representative explained. “Our nearshore staff augmentation approach helps clients ramp up their IT operations quickly, seamlessly, and without major costs. We hand-pick Latin American talent for each project, ensuring high-quality and time-efficient work.”

About ParallelStaff

Focused on flexible and scalable staffing solutions, ParallelStaff has developed a streamlined hiring process that allows clients to identify and onboard staff in 5-10 business days. The company believes that its nearshore solution is one of the most cost-effective and reliable services in a rapidly changing employment market.

“Working with ParallelStaff has been the smoothest hiring process we’ve gone through to date,” one senior product manager recently stated. “Every candidate they sent exceeded our expectations, and put us in a position where we could quickly extend an offer.”

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